Saturday, August 30, 2008

SONY Nature Photography - Living With Nature

Sony Nature Camp 2008

The Sony Nature Photography Project has adopted a fresh approach this year by combining the photography contest with the nature camp for a more activity packed and comprehensive learning experience to the students. Like the previous year, this year’s project is open to secondary school students aged 13~19 years old. In the past years, the nature camp took place in Kuala Selangor Nature Park (2005), Pulau Pendidikan Belum-Temengor (2006) and Cameron Highlands (2007).

This year, we would like to invite students to once again join us for this Sony Nature Photography Project and win a ticket to the nature camp cum photography contest which will be held at Langkawi from 18~21 October 2008. Activities at the camp include sight-seeing, educational photography lessons, games, photography contest and student projects based on nature conservation.

Students are required to create a team, register the team online at and work as a team to go through 2 stages for this project.

Stage One:
Students must win a qualifying chance to participate in the Sony Nature Photography camp in Langkawi from 18~21 October 2008

Stage Two:
Selected winning teams will attend the 4-days & 3-nights camp in Langkawi, and to participate in the ‘Living with Nature’ Sony Nature Photography Contest 2008 to win more attractive prizes.


Editor's Comment:

2005 SONY Nature Photography Camp @ Kuala Selangor Nature Park

2006 SONY Nature Photography Camp @ Belum Temenggor Forest Reserve, Pulau Pendidikan, Pahang

2007 SONY Nature Photography Camp @ Cameron Highlands, Pahang

SONY Nature Photography Camp is back once again for year 2008! I had been participating as a student in this event since the very first camp in Kuala Selangor, followed by Belum Temenggor Forest Reserve, Pulau Pendidikan. After graduating from high school, I had joined CLICK! as a voluntary guide for the students during the camp in Cameron Highland last year. For those who are interested, please do click on the link stated above and get registered. Those who made in for the stage one will be eligible to attend the camp at Pulau Langkawi this year, where there'll be more fun and excitements! See you guys there!

Do email me at for more informations.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Ricky, Lily and Eddie

SPCA Angel's Foster Club

The animal shelter receives 700-800 kittens, cats, puppies and dogs a month, and they are in dire need of good foster homes to care for many of the animals temporarily. Young and orphaned, sick or injured, these animals need to be kept separately from the other animals at the shelter to prevent their conditions from worsening due to poor immune systems.

According to SPCA Chairperson, Ms. Christine Chin, these vulnerable animals need to be cared for individually and carefully, vaccinated and then brought back to the shelter where they would stand a better chance of withstanding the threat of contagious diseases at the shelter. SPCA staff has been trying to keep the shelter clean at all times. However, there are always new animals coming in, possibly bringing with them disease that are easily transmitted though air and water.

The foster club would be a good option especially for the people who love animals but can't commit to one for the long-term, or for those who have the time and space to accommodate one or two more animals temporarily from time to time, besides their own pets. The fostering period ranges from 2 weeks to several months, depending on the age and physical condition of the animal. Mostly, it is the puppies and kittens which need fostering, as they often come in motherless and require extra special attention. The SPCA will provide food, medical care and advice to qualified fosterers, who need to attend a foster care workshop prior to their participation.

We are looking forward to those who are interested to be part of this program. Please do not hesitate to contact SPCA at or you can also drop me a email at for any further details.

Editor's Comment:

The second group of puppies that I fostered this time is quite different compared to the first group, which are Rocky, Apacer and Belle. I still remember when I first got those puppies in my hand, they are so young and small, even my palm can fit them. They are four of them, 2 male and 2 female, all black in colour where some of their eyes hardly open yet. In the car, they became so active and so curious about the environment, kept climbing out from the box. From they firstly arrived at my home, till now I had to send them back for adoption, everything seems to pass by so quickly. It's true that dogs are men best companion, now that their are away, I couldn't feel more empty than ever. I'm even dripping tears now when I'm writing this post. During the day that I'm sending them back, they act like they knew they are leaving me. It's harder to get them into the carrier than usual when I brought them back to Malacca. And when we leaved them in the shelter, looking into their eyes, it even looks like they are having tears.

To Ricky, Lily and Eddie,

We loved you very much, and you'll always be in our heart and mind. I hope that you would get a good owner, that will take good care of you, and understand what you need. We will always miss you and pray all the best in your life after this.

And To Molly, (passed away on June 2008)
We're very sorry not to be able to take a more good care of you. I pray that you would have a better life in heaven, and be as happy as you ever can. We missed you a lot. Take good care of yourself.

Albert and Lawrence

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Malaysia International Fireworks Competition 2008

Malaysia International Fireworks Competition, or also known as MIFC, has been one of the annual events that been held in our country since year 2007. It has been one of the most watched event by our own malaysians as well as foreign tourist.

Our Ministry of Tourism had once again host the MIFC this month, August in Putrajaya. Renowned world-class Fireworks Teams from the 5 participating countries, which includes Malaysia, China, Canada, Spain, and last but not least, Australia, will all gather here in Putrajaya to put up their amazing firework designs in the skies, to fight for the "Golden Merdeka Trophy". Just for your additional information, Australia had won the MIFC07, defeating the 4 other countries. Thus, this year MIFC08 will end with Australian's Fireworks Grand Finale.

These are the upcoming fireworks presentation schedule:
12th August - Team Malaysia
16th August - Team China
20th August - Team Canada
24th August - Team Spain
29th August - Team Australia

There won't be any tickets selling this year, so get as close as you can to the designated spectator stadium at PICC, it's absolutely free! Be sure not to miss the upcoming show!

For more details, (e.g. Location Map) visit

Comments from the Editor,

For those who doesn't want to get stuck in the traffic jam, you can actually watch the event from Cyberjaya. At the traffic light near the MSC Building, let's say heading straight will lead you to Dengkil, turn left at the traffic light and go straight till approximately for another 4-5Km. You will be able to watch the fireworks there, but of course, the effects won't be as nice as you are at PICC. Hope you enjoy the show!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Friday, August 1, 2008

38 Hours

Many things had happened in this 38 hours. This would be a very long story to write. It all started yesterday, where everyone had been preparing themselves for the mid-term examination, circuit theory paper. Nothing much happened before the examination, except for some of my friends that forgotten to bring their calculator to the examination. However, they still manage to find a way to borrow it from someone.

The actual story starts after the examinations, or I should called it the beginning of our mid-term break. There isn't any plan of activities to celebrate the start of the holidays, as most of us were busy preparing for the exam earlier. After the paper, we gathered at the car park for a little talk as to arrange some transportation over to the PIKOM PC Fair. And we just got to know that Jun had accidentally locked his room door and left his key inside, which was quite a disaster for him since everyone are almost "empty pockets" now. Somehow, it ended up paying a lock-smith to come and opened the door.

Later on, we all went out again, thinking probably to spend our time in a cybercafe to have a Dota match of our own, in conjunction of the end of our circuit theory and engineering maths paper. However, we ended up discussing on another activities which are more excited. It really disappointed Kitz since he was really looking forward for a Dota match. After a long time of discussion and invitation to our friends staying at Cyberia, we went Putrajaya, again, to take group photos. However, this time we had some new friends joining us, which are Sue and Shay as well as Wen and Cecelia.

Well, I was really impressed and amazed with all the friends that agreed to join us yesterday. I had never expect such a large crowd to hang out together. Special thanks to our organizer, Jun and Shoong. However, things could be much better once the ice is broken among all of us, cause some of them are still new in our friends network. Apart from that, things could be more perfect without the policemen keep on appearing in wherever we wanted to take some photos.
[In which we could not really blame them since its really really late at night, and they are just doing their duties and responsibility.]

Sue and Shay are having their in-lab assignment in the early next morning, thus we should better bring them back earlier so that they could be more prepared.

After dragging myself from continuing to write on this post for quite sometime, I hardly even remember clear what happen that day. Not having a very good memory.

As Shoong was sending them back, we head straight away to the Old Town Kopitiam for our very very late dinner. While waiting for the arrival of the other friends, we spent some time looking through the menu deciding what to order. The statement "Nothing is cheap in Cyberjaya." is rather true. A cup of coffee would cost you around RM2.80 till RM3.80 ++, and the price differ whether you want it cold or hot. Does giving a extra ice really cost that much?
Due to my extreme hunger, I have no choice, but to order a bowl of noodles(maggie type) which cost me around RM 5.50++, along with a drink RM2.20++, the price is really slaughtering me.
During the supper or very early breakfast, everyone was happy chit-chatting. However, things weren't that comfortable since there's very obvious seperation of groups. I talk mine, you talk yours, that kind of thing. Probably caused by the arrangement of the tables. After a while, Hui and Wen went back.

And of course, that's not the end of the day. There is still much more to come and let me remind you that it's already 3.46am. Later on, here comes the basketball fest! The basketball court lights are turned off, but it doesn't stop any of us youngsters to continue our game.
We played in the dark, but there's still light from the surrounding building, the situation aren't that bad after all. be continued.....;