Sunday, January 11, 2009

Maggi Goreng Mamak Ala Ruex

This is what we had for lunch today, [yeap, maggi goreng ala ruex. haha]. "Ruex" is actually the name of the cook.

Anyways, my best compliment to you. Can start a Mamak Stall now. :p

Happy 21st Birthday to Jun

Happy Birthday in advance to Jun. The exact birth date ~ 12th January.

It was a very odd birthday celebration. Was supposed to get a cheap cream cake, just to smash it on his face. Due to late preparation, we had to compromise, by using GILLETTE Shaving Foam. It's minty flavor to be more exact. [Haha, pham! direct to the face, into the nose!] Jun, may you have a cooling 21st birthday celebration. :-)

And yeah, for those who wants to drop him a birthday wish, just drop in a comment, I will post it up as soon as possible. Thanks!


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Year Eve @ Eye on Malaysia, Malacca

Happy Year 2009 .

Trip to Ipoh and Penang(FOOD)

Finally, being able to sit down here and do some updates on my blog.