Sunday, May 31, 2009

Blardy Blogger? or Hell Wimax?


It had been few days I cant upload my photos to my blog. It took me ages just to load the uploading image page. I've few really interesting photos that I wanted to share. But hell... =.="

Anyway, it will take me sometime to figure out the problems. Hope to be posting back soon,

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Familliar faces

Ended up stuck in my room to complete all the assignments, and it was supposed to be a entertainment day for me. [:-(]

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

One of the days in TOA

[Hmm...] One of the days in TOA.

Really, "academic" life in college never feel better than now. Everyday into class is just something awesome, and something interesting to learn. The homework load doesn't kill me, compared to what I endured in MMU. [Alrite, I shouldn't be polluting the name.]

Just to show some of my friends, [yeap] this is my very first assignment here in TOA, done it last week. Recognize that face? [Ehh..] Probably look much younger than the actual picture. He's Mr. Pablo Picasso. One of the few famous artist. Somehow, I feel he looks like "Professor Xavier" from the X-Men. [got so addicted to X-Men]
Drawings of Pablo Picasso

While as for the weather inside the class, its global warming for about 3 weeks now. It's something good if you know what I mean. [The ice is breaking] :-)

*Photo of the day:
...hopeless...speechless... or =.="

Monday, May 18, 2009

Yi Pin's 18th Birthday Celebration @ Wong Kok Char Chan Teng

Happy18th Birthday to Yipin!

Well, I'd really hope I did not let him down. At first, I really thought I would be able to invite more of our classmates to join for the dinner to celebrate his birthday. It's his 18th birthday, though it may not sound important to some people, however I treasure birthday a lot. It's the only day which belongs to you, the day you're born. If it was me, I definitely hope some people would help me to organize a gathering to celebrate my birthday, rather than I organize it and invite people to come. So, even though I keep saying "its alrite, don't have to trouble yourself to celebrate for me", but deep inside my heart, I'm always hoping for one. I guess that's why I'm so keen to celebrate for a friend.

Anyway, even though there's just six of us. It turned out pretty well, yipin seems to be pretty enjoying himself, especially with that pail-sized glass of milk-tea. It's just something different than what we usually have. And I'm glad that Fathimath and Aishah from Maldives, walked all the way from their apartment to join us[Thank you for joining us! definitely made it merrier!]. Things should be good for Wei Jia and Melvin, weijia was complaining about the size of the meat was very small, but melvin still manage to take the meat with 2 bowl of rice. That's the way a guy eat, always needed more rice to fill our stomach.

Looks drunk with milk-tea.Got-cha!

*Yipin, hope you enjoyed the day! May all your wishes and dreams come true.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

I'm a Standout in Life

Stating "I'm a Standout in Life" wasn't something easy for me to admit. Cause I don't think I really standout among the others yet. However, I took quite some time to think, how do I really standout compared to the others. To say I'm smart, "no"; to say I'm good-looking, "no"; to say I'm talented "no"; to say I'm the best in the world, "also no" .... this could go on forever. Yet, I know how different am I compared to the others is, "I'm [always trying my best to be] a standout in life".

These is my lifeline:
Super Strength Powers - I Slapped my Grandma!
Since I was a baby, I was a very terrible one. For most of us, babies always portray an impression of nice, cute, harmony, curiosity, pure, angelic... We always feel good playing with a baby. Whenever I were given a baby to hold in my arms, I will feel that I'm holding the purest, and most precious person in the whole universe, its like a blank paper haven't been painted with the colours of life yet. BUT me, there was once I was hold by my grandma, I gave her a slap right on her face. [haha, goodness sake] I was told by my grandma later on when I was older. It has been at least 18 years ago, but she's still remembering it till now. And I bite too, don't put anything near my baby mouth.

Super Shout Wave - Shouted so that my mom came back!
When I was firstly sent to kindergardens, I think most of the children would know who am I. I was the boy who was dragged inside the school, and the teacher had to lock all the gate and doors, and wait till my mom drives away. [My friends definitely won't believe me, seeing what I'm now, haha] And that's not the end. Then I will shake the gate till it almost break, and I will keep shouting for my mom. "mummy... mummy....", [haha] hardly imagine myself as kid. Probably that time, I successfully made some other kids to cry as well. And in the end, the teacher has no choice but to call my mom to come back. Seeing this kid was hopeless, and not easy to be cheated with sweets and toys.

Super Magneto Power - The next thing I see is a chair towards my face!
I wasn't that left out in my primary school years. I remember that I think I was having a bad day, somehow few of my friends were quite annoying. We were all just playfull and silly kids those day, I wouldn't consider it as bad kid yet. As usual, when kids go into a arguement, we start scolding each other bad words, and the last thing came out from my mouth was "Damn you, you looked exactly like a gangster!". I turned and just about to walk away, suddenly heard something was dragged, and when I turned, the next thing I see is a flying chair heading towards me. [violent =.="] Then, I know I was one of the main character in the WWF in the arena, which thousands of people gathered and enjoyed themselves. The bad thing is I was on the loosing side :-( However, I was quite unsatisfied till now, cause I was to admit I was in a fight, but the real thing is I was beaten and not fought. The next day, my name was announced during the assembly, in front of the whole school, both of us stepped on to the stage, the principal stood in the middle, teachers knocked the bell, "ting ting ting", principal then announced the winner is ... the other kid. [:p]

Well, that's all just some experience when I was considered a kid. I m quite outstanding when I was in secondary school years. Having a few presidential post in several clubs and societies, vice president post, secretary position, treasurer, committee member, ...etc. I sang songs in front of everyone during assembly. It was all my time. Most of the juniors know me.
However, the broke up gave me a huge impact, especially on my self confidence. I'm good nowadays, starting to picking up momentum. All these while, what drove me to my best is, I always wanted to fight for the lower confident people, which I do not recon them as poor and weak. In school, I always see those who are weaker in academic get exploited and ignored by the better students, showing no respect at all. They got so timid, because we are all being evaluated as good and bad student based on our academic results. I believed there's a heart in everyone, even the worst student. My dream was to inspire them to be more than what they are now. In school, some student gained their popularity easily, through their academic results, handsome, pretty, but I built my own reputation through hardwork, selfless effort to help people.

I hope one day, I can inspire billions of people, that they can be more than what they are, and not to forget where they are from. I believe that "with great powers come great responsibility", when you are good at something, help those who aren't, and not just competing among the best. As long there is a heart, you can achieve anything you want.
Now, that's what made me A STANDOUT IN LIFE, my dreams to inspire people.

Friday, May 15, 2009

New Faces in My New Phase of Life

It will take me sometime before I can carefully introduce some of these special character, cause each of everyone of them is a very unique person. However, one word describe all for now, they are just great people.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Similarities in Differences

Have you ever notice the similarities in differences? [weird sentence~]

Even though I'm in a new place, new environment, meeting new people, there's always a similarities to the past. I was sitting at the back of the class today, observing at people. Wanted to know everyone in my class, and make friends. In my every groups of friends, in every stages of my life, from kindergarden, primary, secondary, previous tertiary and now in TOA, there will always be the few same characteristic of people. I found all these very interesting.

As usual, we will always see a one or two, or a small group of student, which are what I call them "smarter kids" sitting exactly at the front most desk, trying to charm the lecturer. Then, there will be at least one or two very big sized students which will get a lot of attention from everyone[not insulting, but more to a compliment], which people will be talking about that particular person probably during lunch or breaks, or even when that person walked pass you; "hey, that guy was in my class.". Apart from that, we will have a very high confident female student in the class, besides having a outrageous appearance, probably talk good as well; in which I'm predicting, sooner or later, there might be a long queue of guys going after that girl. Next, here comes a group of joker, which always sound weird in class, but everyone still seems to enjoy themselves with great laughter. Last but not least, there will be me, observing everyone, trying to make friends. [:-)]

Today was much better. Manage to hang out with a few new friends at Sunway Pyramid, at least got to enjoy some cold air. But still, it wasn't cold enough. [damn] Things was good today, and hope to a better one tomorrow.

*Got to know a new friend, called "yuri". Still feel pretty awkward calling that name. Maybe this is the time learning to face it and not running away.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Dinner @ Look-out Point with Friends!

There is only one thing I can say. At least they improved their lighting at the watch tower, by having some additional fluorescent lights. But still, they should remove the spot light shining towards the tower. Can't see the steps on the way down.

Mothers' Day

You will never know how much damage would a wrong phone call would do.

Last Saturday, Mothers' Day Eve, I was on my way back from KL, with a few new friends, as they wanted to spend their weekends in Malacca. Everything was good, until I received a phone call from my mom. My grandma slipped and fall, and was hospitalized. My mind was all about her, whether she is fine. Falling down is a very serious case for the elderly people.

After a while, once I got everything sort out with my friends. I headed to the hospital after picking up my brother from the tuition center. She looked really weak. I heard from the doctors that she had a fractured bone, and it might take some time to heal. She can hardly move now, a little movement, she will feel the pain. Even moving to the bathroom is a problem for her.

Early next day, even before I wake up. My mom was out already, guessing she should be heading to the hospital. Apparently, I got to find out that my grandma asked the nurse to call her, saying she want to go back home. My mom was there the whole morning to settle the documentations. Later on, I just got to know that my aunt, and my uncle also came all the way from KL and JB, just to check out on my grandma. I followed my mum and uncle to get a special chair from the pharmacy, cause my grandma can't walk to the toilet. Each time she needs to pass motion, we will need to help her to get to that chair.

It was a very hard day for me, but especially for my mum. For the few coming weeks, she will be quite occupied with taking care of my grandma. Well, in this special day, a mom taking care of her mom.

*How accident happened?
My grandma was bathing in the bathroom. Suddenly, the phone rang. My grandpa was washing some vegetable at the kitchen. My grandpa thought of finishing his washing first, since he is almost done before picking up the phone. When he got out, he already saw my grandma lying on the floor. My grandma rushed out from the toilet, wanted to reach for the phone. That's how it all happened. My grandpa then later still manage to answer the phone, and the worst thing is, it's a wrong number phone call.
This mistake almost cost a life.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Orientation in TOA

Woke up at about 8.20am, overslept a little. Can't sleep well yesterday night, probably due to the tea I took during my dinner with my previous housemates. Dragged me till 3am before I snooze off. Didn't manage to catch my breakfast, just walk there straight away. Along my walk there, felt that new environment is starting to change my life a lot. I never try to walk to school before, and now I'm just staying within a stone throw away from my college[cool]. Morning walk to college was good. I get to hit the zebra crossing signal button, wait for it to turn green, and look at the cars stopped just right next to me, just so I can cross the road. Usually, I'm always the one looking at people crossing the road. [It's different]

Prior arriving at the college lobby, new students turned out to be more than what I expected to be. [Yeap] I was there just in time, 9.15am sharp. Yet, still had to wait for the administration staff to get us registered and later on, begin the briefing. With such large number of students, all gathered in the same block of a shoplot at the same time, its nothing good. [Damn] In a closed building, without a sufficient horse power air-conditioner, it was HELL. As I am lining up at the queue to get myself registered, I'm getting really uncomfortable, yet trying to distract myself by discovering some new faces that will be studying here together. Normal people, nothing extraordinary, hoping for someone who will be more "automatic" in socializing. Me? I wasn't in the mood to initiate a conversation.

They showed us mesage video by TOA principals, as well as head of various departments. Nothing much really, just wanted to introduce those people to us. Only a person made a grand appearance today. I think most of you would know him[I heard about him, but not really know him well.]. Well, he is none other than Eric Leong, a Malaysian Celebrity Designer. He was in TV shows, like 8TV, TV3, Astro ...etc. He was giving out home-decor tips on radio as well. Was quite well known world wide. Not really a fan of his, but he difinitely brought some cheers to us today[luckily, otherwise I will be so tensed due to the warm and stuffy hall environment].
Portrait of Eric Leong, famous celebrity designer

"Don't know him? It's okay laa... he's nothing much larr....Just came out in a few TV shows, radio stations, won a few awards, design for IKEA, Royal Selangor...." - Learnt from him:p He always do that to the other celebrities.

Today, in overall, I would consider the orientation was a little bull-shitting, except from obtaining my new TOA Student ID, and Student Handbook. I didn't pick up other information which are useful. And they end the orientation about 12.30pm. [What the heck?!] Got stuck inside my room for the rest of the day. Didn't even get time to know anybody new.
Lucas was there, a friend from St David, was studying here for a year already. What a day...
*Again, hoping tomorrow will be a better day. Otherwise I will be rotting inside my room, got baked into a salted fish. One thing good being in TOA, get to interact with famous people, which it's quite cool in certain way. :-)

New Life Begins

My new room

A month of enjoying and laziness has finally come to an end. Just finish unpacking loads of my stuff, and now sitting here just to note down some of my feelings.

Was thinking a lot of what I'm going to expect tomorrow. Did not get this feeling till now, started to worry a little whether are things going to be fine this time? Am I going to fit in?
New people, new environment, new lifestyle.
*Not even sure what to write. Just hope and pray things will be fine tomorrow. :-)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Little Too Not Over You

A Little Too Not Over You - David Archuleta

[00:-2.00]David Archuleta - A Little Too Not Over You
[00:09.90]It never crossed my mind at all
[00:12.43]That's what I tell myself
[00:14.46]What we had has come and gone
[00:16.97]You're better off with someone else
[00:18.70]It's for the best, I know it is
[00:21.21]But I see you
[00:22.48]Sometimes I try to hide
[00:24.78]What I feel inside and I turn around
[00:29.38]You're with him now
[00:31.38]I just can't figure it out
[00:35.40]Tell me why
[00:37.74]You're so hard to forget
[00:39.79]Don't remind me
[00:42.45]I'm not over it
[00:44.17]Tell me why
[00:46.92]I can't seem to face the truth
[00:50.30]I'm just a little too not over you
[00:55.32](oooooh )
[00:57.05]Not over you (oh eh eh eh)
[01:02.73]Memories supposed to fade
[01:05.32]What's wrong with my heart?
[01:07.21]Shake it off, let it go
[01:09.67]Didn't think it be this hard
[01:11.67]Should be strong, moving on
[01:14.02]But I see you sometimes I try to hide
[01:17.61]What I feel inside and I turn around
[01:22.14]You're with him now
[01:24.26]I just can't figure it out
[01:28.05]Tell me why
[01:30.35]You're so hard to forget
[01:32.55]Don't remind me
[01:35.21]I'm not over it
[01:36.91]Tell me why
[01:39.63]I can't seem to face the truth
[01:43.07]I'm just a little too not over you
[01:46.73]Maybe I regret
[01:48.53]Everything I said
[01:50.90]No way to take it all back, yeah
[01:55.45]Now I'm on my own
[01:57.64]How I let you go
[01:59.31]I'll never understand
[02:03.62]I'll never understand
[02:08.11]Yeah, oooh, oooh, oooh
[02:22.65]Ooooh, oh
[02:25.16]Tell me why
[02:27.46]You're so hard to forget
[02:29.57]Don't remind me
[02:32.27]I'm not over it
[02:33.94]Tell me why
[02:36.74]I can't seem to face the truth
[02:40.14]I'm just a little too not over you
[02:42.81]Tell me why
[02:45.01]You're so hard to forget
[02:46.99]Don't remind me
[02:49.70]I'm not over it
[02:51.39]Tell me why
[02:54.04]I can't seem to face the truth
[02:57.97]And I really don't know what to do
[03:01.66]I'm just a little too not over you
[03:06.65](oh eh eh eh)
[03:08.44]Not over you (oh eh eh eh)

*David sang my thoughts out.

Monday, May 4, 2009

I Can Relate to Ghosts of Girlfriends Past

Been disliking romance stories for quite some time now. It haven't been good, or I can say "it never happens in reality".
After watching trailer of the new movie "GHOSTS OF GIRLFRIENDS PAST", the movie look kind of cool. It's about this famous guy, named Connor Mead, whom is a celebrity photographer, almost all girls will fall for his charm. Getting a gorgeous girl for himself is just as simple as cracking a peanut. In short, he hook up with a girl, and the next thing he does is break up.
His brother Paul is getting married soon, Connor had to be there, and guess what's worst that could happen? At the same time, Jenny, Connor's childhood friend was there as well.
Out of the unexpected, this movie portray supernatural elements. It's not a horror movie, so supernatural happens for a good cause. Connor's uncle, Uncle Wayne, appeared during his stay. Uncle Wayne once lived a life like Conners, and don't want him to follow his footsteps. Using his supernatural power, he brings him to the past, present and future to find a way to change Connor. So maybe just this time, he would be able to keep his love.
It's a hilarious love story.

This is the first time I'm writing for Nuffnang to join one their competition. At certain point, I'm still considering whether I would want to write for this romance story, cause it always brings up the past memories. Well, since I knew she is no more following this blog. I guess it should be fine for me to write about it. I wanted to write a post about it for quite some time, but I can't seem to find the right words, and I'm always so confuse when thinking about this matter.

Actually I couldn't relate myself to Ghost of Girlfriends Past. But this movie reminds me of something she said. I believe to certain extend, girls always want to live a princess life, glamourous, pretty and have a prince charming, someone to be proud of to show to someone else. I'm actually relating myself to the story through a perspective of a boyfriend of a girl of one of Connors many failed relationship partners.

I couldn't seem to forget about our relationships even we have separated for 2 years plus. I tried to move on, but whenever I see her, all the promises I made to myself was broken. I made many attempts, trying to attract her back. Sometimes, trying my best to treat her as a normal friend, so just we can spend more time together. It all ended up hurting myself. It's not her fault, but it's all on me. I wouldn't want to let go every chance I have to meet her.
One of the bad days, or worst day, we were gathering on one of my friend's birthday occassion. I was very nervous and excited to know she will be there to join the gathering. I mind so much on what I'm going to wear, is my hair okay? and what am I going to say when I see her so I don't look weird. And then when I get there, I can't be normal. She is in a british-liked skirt, I was stunned, she looked great in it. It all started quite well, but she mentioned something about boyfriend. And there I thought she was talking about maybe a boyfriend inside a game, as she also had a husband before this in one of the online games. But she then describe how the guy propose and stuff, my hands was shivering and do not even dare to look at her. At that moment, I was really hurt inside, and don't seem to accept that she got another boyfriend. I finish my cup of green tea, and drove away immediately. Was shouting in the car all the way back[crazy]. Hardly describe my feelings, mixed emotions, mostly dissapointed and sad.

About a few months later, only I get to know she broke up. Then, she started to slowly at least accept me a little by spending a little more time together. We opened up details that we usually kept to ourselves. Actually I insisted he to tell me about her story with her ex. Even though, I am really risking my feelings for that, I really wanted to know what happen. Apparently, her boyfriend was previously a advertisement model. Definitely great looking. From our conversation, the guy was rich as well. I got pretty disturbed when she told me that she is the one started to hint that guy.[I've no rights to be jealous, but you know, when you like that person, I'm pretty sure you will have this feeling as well. It's not something I'm going to be proud of] Anyway, they have a few dates together, but the guy was absent without notice for a few times. One time he did that is all enough for me to terminate him, but he did it more than that. Of course I'm only paying attention on his bad sides, he might be a good person, I just do not know. I was really pissed off, how can he do this? I mean its like he don't really mind that much about the date. Asking a girl to wait at somewhere, at later on not being there without any notice. And the reason he told her was he fallen asleep. [I really want to kill that guy.] Being late is already a minus mark, and he can "fly aeroplane".

Guys like this, probably like Connor doesn't seem to appreaciate much of the things he has until he realize he's loosing it.
[Upon writting this post, I am worried that she might be reading as well. All the things I wrote here is all on my selfish thoughts. She might be happy even the guy done all those. I'm not in the position to say anything.]
Till now, we are no longer in touch. In the meanwhile, I'm living life to the fullest, as I missed out a lot for the past years grieving on my loss. Learning to share love with someone else who cares.

Anyway, I will still watch this movie. Always love the happy ending, hoping one day I will get my happy ending as well. [haha]
*She left a very deep mark in my life. As one of my friend mentioned, people we met in our life are just passerbys. They come and go, some left marks when they leave; some don't leave anything; and some takes things away. I guess she should be the one who left a very good mark. I won't be remembering the person she is now, I will just keep what's her when we were together. Now, I'm stepping out of the circle which I consider myself loyal.

Road Trip @ Erawan Shrine, Bangkok, Thailand

From Imm Fusion Hotel[the hotel where I was staying], it was a pretty well located hotel, there's a 7-11 convenient store opposite, on the right, the BTS Station[BTS: Bangkok Mass Transit System], and TESCO-Lotus. While on the left, there's a "seoul-garden" liked restaurant, the only thing is that its open-air, and there's singer singing for performance, and its cheap[about 150baths per person]. Definitely a good place for frequent travellers who are going for a budget trip.

I did not know what's up for the second day, my parents who are doing all the plannings. I just wake up and walk[haha, not the usual me]. As I walked, I paid much attention to the surroudings, at the same time, was thinking of sentence to write in this blog later on. There's much to write, but most of it I've pretty much forgotten. My dad bought us all a one-day pass for the transit[120bahts each], it would be easier so we don't always have to line up for tickets. Our first destination, King Power Complex. Didn't knew what's the building is for, but the structure caught my attention a lot.

My sis and my bro. Noticed the hemisfered glass building at the back?

When I get inside, my dad registered us all. I'm still wondering what kind of mall require all its customers to register to visit the mall. Apparently, this is a duty free mall, selling various type of branded stuff, GUCCI, ROLEX, ...etc. Open specially for foreigners. Didn't spend much time there, just looking around, since things inside there are still very expensive even without the tax. [haha]

As we are leaving that area for another tourism spot, we manage to catch some food along the way. Duck Noodles.
Duck NoodlesOkra Juice[purple] and Chrisanthemum Tea[yellow, should be pretty obvious].

So far, I'm still safe from the harm of extremely spicy food. But most of the thai food are really sweet, the duck mee wasn't too bad, but it's sweet. Even the drinks, it taste at least 3 times sweeter than what we usually get in Malaysia. It was good at first, but after two or three meals with this level of sweetness, its getting a little ... sickening.
Street stalls selling "kueh"

Often people say it's not safe to get food from the road side stalls. [haha] We totally forgotten about those advice after being attracted so much to it. Seriously, to me, I'm always more attracted to the street side "dirty" food, rather than a high class, nicely served meal.

Next, we head to Erawin Shrine located at the point of intersection of Ratchadamri Road and Ratchaprasong Road in Pathum Wan district of Bangkok. Heard from my mum that this was one of the most popular temple in Bangkok, and it's very "ling" one.[haha] Definitely, we won't miss our chance to pray and pay a respect to the four-faced Brahma. The weather was very hot and humid, and with the smoke from thousands of burning joss sticks, it was quite hard to breathe. However, it was all worth while. We have to show our determination and sincerity when we want to do prayers, aren't we?

Four-faced Idol of BrahmaSome thai performers dancing.
Located in the middle of the city, with all high-rising buildings surrounding it.

That's just about a half day story of my trip at bangkok. Next, we are heading to the famous Chao Phraya river!