Friday, May 1, 2009

Road Trip @ Sukhumvit, Bangkok

Hardly believe that I'm in Bangkok now, after some very quick preparation this morning. I just started to complete my luggage this morning, and I woke up late. Anyway, I will cut the crap, and straight away share with you what I'm seeing now in Bangkok. Or to be more exact, I'm staying in Sukhumvit.

We arrived at the airport, around 7.45pm local time. As we walked through the customs to chop on our passport, I noticed that the airport had some really smart architecture designs. In other words, save cost building. Their ceiling is left wide open, however the builders are able to make it look structured, and not whole bunch of messy wires going everywhere. And the air-con blowers are embedded to the pillars. Besides that, there are also a few monuments of gods, which is about 5 meters tall inside the airport.

After a long walk out to the entrance of the airport, we took a cab to our hotel. The cabs were lining up long outside the airport, "hunger" to get passengers into their cab, so they can make some money. The cab here really catch my attention, but I did not manage to get the time to take some shots on the cab in queue, things were a little rush at that moment. Most of the cabs are Toyota Altis, painted in various colours, such as pink, yellow, green, .... They looked pretty sporty in a way, some even sounds like one.

After checked in the hotel, we came out for dinner. I was starving, not too sure why I get hungry very quickly recently. It was a good thing at least, probably I'm growing again. [haha] Never expect myself to see non--spicy food. [Great! haha] Just outside the hotel, there are few hawker stalls, selling noodles, pork, western food, and fried food. While on the other corner, we have a barbeque buffet restaurant. We tried all the small stalls, except for the western food. We can get westerns everywhere, so don't want to waste the stomach for that. The pork was the best!
This is the pork that I mentioned. It's good, and cheap!

After a nice meal, came back to the hotel, take a shower, checked whether there is wifi. It requires a password and a username, but somehow i get to use the wifi for free. Wanted to sign in to write a post, I get this. [cool]

Written in thai.


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omg, your life are so amazing currently...

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haha, there's happy moments and bad times too.Guess this should be one of those good ones.