Tuesday, May 26, 2009

One of the days in TOA

[Hmm...] One of the days in TOA.

Really, "academic" life in college never feel better than now. Everyday into class is just something awesome, and something interesting to learn. The homework load doesn't kill me, compared to what I endured in MMU. [Alrite, I shouldn't be polluting the name.]

Just to show some of my friends, [yeap] this is my very first assignment here in TOA, done it last week. Recognize that face? [Ehh..] Probably look much younger than the actual picture. He's Mr. Pablo Picasso. One of the few famous artist. Somehow, I feel he looks like "Professor Xavier" from the X-Men. [got so addicted to X-Men]
Drawings of Pablo Picasso

While as for the weather inside the class, its global warming for about 3 weeks now. It's something good if you know what I mean. [The ice is breaking] :-)

*Photo of the day:
...hopeless...speechless... or =.="

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