Saturday, May 16, 2009

I'm a Standout in Life

Stating "I'm a Standout in Life" wasn't something easy for me to admit. Cause I don't think I really standout among the others yet. However, I took quite some time to think, how do I really standout compared to the others. To say I'm smart, "no"; to say I'm good-looking, "no"; to say I'm talented "no"; to say I'm the best in the world, "also no" .... this could go on forever. Yet, I know how different am I compared to the others is, "I'm [always trying my best to be] a standout in life".

These is my lifeline:
Super Strength Powers - I Slapped my Grandma!
Since I was a baby, I was a very terrible one. For most of us, babies always portray an impression of nice, cute, harmony, curiosity, pure, angelic... We always feel good playing with a baby. Whenever I were given a baby to hold in my arms, I will feel that I'm holding the purest, and most precious person in the whole universe, its like a blank paper haven't been painted with the colours of life yet. BUT me, there was once I was hold by my grandma, I gave her a slap right on her face. [haha, goodness sake] I was told by my grandma later on when I was older. It has been at least 18 years ago, but she's still remembering it till now. And I bite too, don't put anything near my baby mouth.

Super Shout Wave - Shouted so that my mom came back!
When I was firstly sent to kindergardens, I think most of the children would know who am I. I was the boy who was dragged inside the school, and the teacher had to lock all the gate and doors, and wait till my mom drives away. [My friends definitely won't believe me, seeing what I'm now, haha] And that's not the end. Then I will shake the gate till it almost break, and I will keep shouting for my mom. "mummy... mummy....", [haha] hardly imagine myself as kid. Probably that time, I successfully made some other kids to cry as well. And in the end, the teacher has no choice but to call my mom to come back. Seeing this kid was hopeless, and not easy to be cheated with sweets and toys.

Super Magneto Power - The next thing I see is a chair towards my face!
I wasn't that left out in my primary school years. I remember that I think I was having a bad day, somehow few of my friends were quite annoying. We were all just playfull and silly kids those day, I wouldn't consider it as bad kid yet. As usual, when kids go into a arguement, we start scolding each other bad words, and the last thing came out from my mouth was "Damn you, you looked exactly like a gangster!". I turned and just about to walk away, suddenly heard something was dragged, and when I turned, the next thing I see is a flying chair heading towards me. [violent =.="] Then, I know I was one of the main character in the WWF in the arena, which thousands of people gathered and enjoyed themselves. The bad thing is I was on the loosing side :-( However, I was quite unsatisfied till now, cause I was to admit I was in a fight, but the real thing is I was beaten and not fought. The next day, my name was announced during the assembly, in front of the whole school, both of us stepped on to the stage, the principal stood in the middle, teachers knocked the bell, "ting ting ting", principal then announced the winner is ... the other kid. [:p]

Well, that's all just some experience when I was considered a kid. I m quite outstanding when I was in secondary school years. Having a few presidential post in several clubs and societies, vice president post, secretary position, treasurer, committee member, ...etc. I sang songs in front of everyone during assembly. It was all my time. Most of the juniors know me.
However, the broke up gave me a huge impact, especially on my self confidence. I'm good nowadays, starting to picking up momentum. All these while, what drove me to my best is, I always wanted to fight for the lower confident people, which I do not recon them as poor and weak. In school, I always see those who are weaker in academic get exploited and ignored by the better students, showing no respect at all. They got so timid, because we are all being evaluated as good and bad student based on our academic results. I believed there's a heart in everyone, even the worst student. My dream was to inspire them to be more than what they are now. In school, some student gained their popularity easily, through their academic results, handsome, pretty, but I built my own reputation through hardwork, selfless effort to help people.

I hope one day, I can inspire billions of people, that they can be more than what they are, and not to forget where they are from. I believe that "with great powers come great responsibility", when you are good at something, help those who aren't, and not just competing among the best. As long there is a heart, you can achieve anything you want.
Now, that's what made me A STANDOUT IN LIFE, my dreams to inspire people.

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onn wah said...

Wow, impressive passage. I think there is lots more thing i do not know about you. Haha. Undeniable you are a standout in my eye as i am relying on you on a lot of stuff. Sometimes i even feel guilty for asking favour from you as you have helped me out all this while but there is simply nothing i can do for you AS i do not really talk to you after secondary school. Hoho. Keep up with your good work yea, you will definitely shine and glow like a STAR in future with your incredible credibility, ability and hidden potential. Have a better control of your emotion, you are just a step away from perfection.. :)

your friend
onn wah