Monday, May 4, 2009

Road Trip @ Erawan Shrine, Bangkok, Thailand

From Imm Fusion Hotel[the hotel where I was staying], it was a pretty well located hotel, there's a 7-11 convenient store opposite, on the right, the BTS Station[BTS: Bangkok Mass Transit System], and TESCO-Lotus. While on the left, there's a "seoul-garden" liked restaurant, the only thing is that its open-air, and there's singer singing for performance, and its cheap[about 150baths per person]. Definitely a good place for frequent travellers who are going for a budget trip.

I did not know what's up for the second day, my parents who are doing all the plannings. I just wake up and walk[haha, not the usual me]. As I walked, I paid much attention to the surroudings, at the same time, was thinking of sentence to write in this blog later on. There's much to write, but most of it I've pretty much forgotten. My dad bought us all a one-day pass for the transit[120bahts each], it would be easier so we don't always have to line up for tickets. Our first destination, King Power Complex. Didn't knew what's the building is for, but the structure caught my attention a lot.

My sis and my bro. Noticed the hemisfered glass building at the back?

When I get inside, my dad registered us all. I'm still wondering what kind of mall require all its customers to register to visit the mall. Apparently, this is a duty free mall, selling various type of branded stuff, GUCCI, ROLEX, ...etc. Open specially for foreigners. Didn't spend much time there, just looking around, since things inside there are still very expensive even without the tax. [haha]

As we are leaving that area for another tourism spot, we manage to catch some food along the way. Duck Noodles.
Duck NoodlesOkra Juice[purple] and Chrisanthemum Tea[yellow, should be pretty obvious].

So far, I'm still safe from the harm of extremely spicy food. But most of the thai food are really sweet, the duck mee wasn't too bad, but it's sweet. Even the drinks, it taste at least 3 times sweeter than what we usually get in Malaysia. It was good at first, but after two or three meals with this level of sweetness, its getting a little ... sickening.
Street stalls selling "kueh"

Often people say it's not safe to get food from the road side stalls. [haha] We totally forgotten about those advice after being attracted so much to it. Seriously, to me, I'm always more attracted to the street side "dirty" food, rather than a high class, nicely served meal.

Next, we head to Erawin Shrine located at the point of intersection of Ratchadamri Road and Ratchaprasong Road in Pathum Wan district of Bangkok. Heard from my mum that this was one of the most popular temple in Bangkok, and it's very "ling" one.[haha] Definitely, we won't miss our chance to pray and pay a respect to the four-faced Brahma. The weather was very hot and humid, and with the smoke from thousands of burning joss sticks, it was quite hard to breathe. However, it was all worth while. We have to show our determination and sincerity when we want to do prayers, aren't we?

Four-faced Idol of BrahmaSome thai performers dancing.
Located in the middle of the city, with all high-rising buildings surrounding it.

That's just about a half day story of my trip at bangkok. Next, we are heading to the famous Chao Phraya river!

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