Thursday, February 25, 2010


最近脾气很爆, 我已经劲量,但是朋友之间的关系一直再烦着我。

我其实已经很狠他了, 但他一直再火上加火。我也不知我该怎样,我只想躲在我房间!



这么多年来,我已经对这个世界放弃了, 我觉得我对人该做的我都做了,该帮的也帮了,我拼没有对不起谁人。

他妈的!我不必说是谁, 自己觉得自己是那样的话就自知自明。

最近一直很容易生气, 跟我要小心, 不要惹我。我给你我的中子。

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Dinner Drama

Some people might eat at home, preparing their own steamboat session. While some would make reservation at a chinese restaurant that available on chinese new year eve, offering special package for reunion dinner. This year, we did it out side, and its not steamboat.

I was in this Chinese restaurant, having it packed with so many people wasn't really the thing that surprises me. I followed along and was guided to our reserved table. It took them more than 30mins just to bring cups to us, and another 20mins for the teapot to come. I couldn't stand my hunger. I walked out to the nearest convenient store and bought 2 piece of Hi5 bread and a can of Milo. I ate it as I walk back to the restaurant.

Apparently, many people were getting impatient. People started to get up and said things which are really harsh. One even went into the kitchen and start scolding. Things were in a mess. No proper communication system and even the spoon, fork and chopstick wasn't enough.

I was sitting aside and observe all the little detail happening inside the small little restaurant. Well, yea, here we can see people living in the city lose their temper very easily. And part of it, they are really thinking only of themselves, or in another word, selfish. All the restaurant workers are trying very very hard to serve everyone, they are moving fast, but there were just too many things to do. However, not everyone is understanding enough but to bring them more orders before they're able to clear the previous orders. While on the other side, I'm not too sure whether is this the first time the restaurant serving meals during chinese new year eve, cause definitely they are not well prepared for it. Seems to be lacking a lot of  experience in serving many tables. Or maybe even that they wanted to earn more, without thinking are they able to handle such many tables at once. In another word greed.

There's definitely too many interruptions while the staff in the restaurant trying to solve the problem one by one. This table want this, that table want that. Little things kept coming up. If everyone would be more understanding, and the restaurant staff not so greedy. then, everything would be peace.

It's kind of cool two and a half hour drama in the restaurant. But  yeah, I had to focus on my work. So, brought my laptop out and started to complete the script for my drama. It's partly done, just left the song lyrics. Well, thanks for reading guys. Happy Chinese New Year to all of you. :-)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Nano-Happy :-)


Yes! I got it too... :p Yea, even though I did not get the price, happy enough to get the certificate.