Tuesday, January 29, 2008

An All Bread Day

And first time (again), met up with a traffic jam during my journey to school. The jam didn’t last long, luckily. I think we was stuck in the jam for the first 10 minutes of the road, but after that traffic was smooth along the way to school. Luckily we wasn’t too late to enter the class, the lecturer wasn’t there yet.

Here comes the first touch on bread once after class. ROTI CANAI! Cheap and most importantly, it’s filling.

After our “breakfast lunch”, we had to wait in the library for another 2 hours, since we don’t want to waste petrol to make the trip home. The library wasn’t that small compared to what I heard from the rumors.
While waiting, I was doing some accountings for our little “House Fund”, in my little small diary book.

Next, we are on our way to our first lesson for French Class. The room was empty and hidden…
My lecturer came into the class and spoke French to us. I thought she was speaking English to us at first, but I couldn’t understand any word out from her lips. The class was fine, except for the two “Banglas” very annoying. I can’t stand them!

Later on, I also joined another friend for Japanese Class. Phew, learned two languages in one day. It was tiring… But the Japanese Class was much entertaining compared to the French class.

Went back home quite late today, and just being able to take this photo without glares from the sunlight. This is the building that I will be studying for the next on-coming four years.

Here comes bread again for our Dinner! Noting beat breads and a cup of warm Milo! :-)

Monday, January 28, 2008

Chinese New Year Clothing!

Today, around 9.45am, go making trouble in Faculty of Engineering Administration Office! Nah, that's not really making trouble. We just went in and keep informing them that some of our classes are full and we are unable to register for the class.

The female-officer-in-charge was moving so slow, (walking, typing, writting, drinking...etc) she can even make herself a cup of coffee while she is onto our business. Multi-tasking.
Our problems solved after a 15min to 20min in the office, we were finally able to register for the time slot we wanted.

Then, as usual, went to class at 11am, and my first class was Technical Communications. It wasn't that bad, my lecturer can speak very well. At least I don't fall asleep in class. Haha. I was quite impress with my lecture threatre...

Nothing much happens during the evening until we ended our Basic Economics, Accounting, Management class at 5.00pm sharp. We went to Jusco to get some food to cook for dinner, but instead we saw some clothes on sales. Haha, bought 2 pants and a clothes for RM100. I don't know, but my friends told me its really cheap. I seldom buy clothes.... hehe :p

Guess what?! I just bought my very first jeans... I think it should look nice...
My friends think it's nice. But I am not too sure about it. They should have much better sense of fesyen than me. :-)

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Home Cooking!

Woke up around 8.20am this morning. Well, nothing beats a cup of warm Milo made by one of my friend. How nice of him.

Anyway, afterthat pack up my bag and excitedly headed for school. We were supposed to have our Beta Briefing, but we are there just to listen to advices, such as "you must concentrate in your academics, and excel both in academics and co-curricullum". Then, I was like ... swt... (heard that thousand of time already.) After almost one hour of boring lectures, I went asking for more detailed information regarding how to register our subjects and stuff. (Poof, we leave the group since then)

Haha, unexpectedly we ended up in front of the library, (since the library is close on Sunday) we had to sit outside the library under shade for our course registration session. Even though we are under the shade, it was still very hot, most probably cause by the aluminium roof? (not too sure whether its aluminium :p)

What did we had for lunch?

KYROS KEBAB. In which i totally do not recommend it to any malaysians. Firstly, it is damn expensive. I bought a burger since its was in promotion, and the price is RM7.90 for a simple chicken burger. It wasn't really that big, roughly a size larger than the cheese burger from McD. And they are so stingy for giving more vegetables and garlic.
Secondly, it is so slow!!! It took about almost one hour for the burger to be ready to be serve. And the restaurant hardly got any customers. "What are they doing back there? Baking the bread? "
Lastly, what made me to regret so much to go there is it's drink. RM3.50 for a cup of Sprite!!! It's just a small cup and no free refill!
After finishing our business in school, went back home and I took a 2 hours nap i think? Haha, just too tired to remember everything. I felt so refresh when I woke up. Then, got a unexpected call again from a friend. It was nice.
The evening was hot, my room was very very warm, since it was facing the afternoon sun. Took a bath and went to jusco to get some food to eat. I decided to have porridge for dinner today. I didn't realize I was shopping for so long, when by the time I am back home, it was already 8 something if i am not mistaken. Haha :p

We started eating at 10pm, and cleaned up everything by 11pm. Not bad huh? Haha. Good jobs guys!

"Don't look so appetizing huh? Well, it actually taste nicer than it looks..."

First Day of leaving home...

It was a pretty okay day, although there's sort of missing home once i left my home. I was worrying whether I'm going to get homesick, sort of feeling it a little now.
Luckily it was a busy day today, keep me occupied most of the time. I arrived at my rented house at around 4.30pm. Unload all my stuff and start arranging my room. Everything's fine, it's just I can't go online! due to some technical problems with my laptop, I was so frustrated.
Then, waited for the gas man to come...

While waiting, I just got to know that my taman sort of having a pre-chinese new year celebration at the basketball field within walking distance from my house. Definitely I won't miss out this chance of getting out, probably get to know some neighbours. Unfortunately things didnt went as what I expected it to be... :-) However, I am still able to take some shots on the lion dance performance.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Copper Cable!!!

Haha, it had been a none stop day for me since i woke up at erm....8.40am i think?

Got up, get change and head for Jabatan Pelajaran Malacca. For what? Just to submit my MUET registration form. Encounter few problems, which drive me going crazy of rushing around bukit beruang just to get a few documents.
After that, went to my father's office. Where day challenge begins! Me and a few housemates of mine were supposed to help and cut some cables to sell it.
These are the scenario:

I climbed into one of the three containers, dragging out these heavy copper cables! Its under the hot sun, imagine you're inside the over. :-(

Then, roll this cable drum to the store room. It's damn heavy...

Next, cut this into ..... ... ... ... ... .... .... .... ... ... .... ... ... .. .. ...this... Haha.. :-)

That's not all, i also climb up to bukit beruang hill with some of my old friends, to capture this shot.