Tuesday, January 29, 2008

An All Bread Day

And first time (again), met up with a traffic jam during my journey to school. The jam didn’t last long, luckily. I think we was stuck in the jam for the first 10 minutes of the road, but after that traffic was smooth along the way to school. Luckily we wasn’t too late to enter the class, the lecturer wasn’t there yet.

Here comes the first touch on bread once after class. ROTI CANAI! Cheap and most importantly, it’s filling.

After our “breakfast lunch”, we had to wait in the library for another 2 hours, since we don’t want to waste petrol to make the trip home. The library wasn’t that small compared to what I heard from the rumors.
While waiting, I was doing some accountings for our little “House Fund”, in my little small diary book.

Next, we are on our way to our first lesson for French Class. The room was empty and hidden…
My lecturer came into the class and spoke French to us. I thought she was speaking English to us at first, but I couldn’t understand any word out from her lips. The class was fine, except for the two “Banglas” very annoying. I can’t stand them!

Later on, I also joined another friend for Japanese Class. Phew, learned two languages in one day. It was tiring… But the Japanese Class was much entertaining compared to the French class.

Went back home quite late today, and just being able to take this photo without glares from the sunlight. This is the building that I will be studying for the next on-coming four years.

Here comes bread again for our Dinner! Noting beat breads and a cup of warm Milo! :-)


My Profile said...

hahax.. then we shud have eat bread once in a week.. then we can really save a lot there... hahax..

Li Ting said...

You eat how many roti?...I thought u will never be full eating only roti?...I guess you must be eating 8 piece...haha

Elizabeth said...

Hello! I was here.... Mr Bread...