Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Mascot for ZHIQINS.BLOGSPOT.COM is coming soon!

Launching of ZHIQINS.BLOGSPOT.COM official mascot! Coming soon.

Happy Birthday to Grandma and Grandpa!

Yesterday, had a meal of a lifetime. Lunch and dinner at price slaughtering restaurants. I was suppose to meet my family later that evening for a family dinner to celebrate my grandparents birthday at Petaling Jaya. Somehow, not very early in the morning, got a phone call from my sister asking me whether want to join the for lunch at Victoria Station near PJ. Usually, places like Victoria Station would be my very last choice for meals. Well, since they invited me, there's no reason for me to decline. :p After some preparation, I reached there about nearly one hour later. My father ordered a set for me. [Luckily he ordered, otherwise i might be having a very hard time to decide on what I want to eat.] I wished I didn't have to see the menu, it was ....

One of the waiter came, professionally hang a cloth on my neck. It was very uncomfortable, weird~ and I don't see others hanging a cloth around their neck. That's where all the extra charges went.

Can't remember the name of this meal, but it *something* sizzling beef *something*. It was nice, but till the end, get a little sick with the taste. The price for this meal should be able to get me one whole week supply of "wanton mee".
That's all for my lunch, here comes dinner:

This restaurant is well equipped with the latest "waitering" system. You can press on either "call" to request the attendance of a waiter, "Bill" for billing, and "Water" for topping up your cup with tea or water. *woo =.="

For the whole meal, I think this is the best, its like a roasted fish meat with caramel, smell nice and taste nice. (rated 5*)

Last but not least, Happy Birthday to Grandpa and Grandma! The dinner ended with me singing a few Jay Chou's songs for my grandparents. :p

Monday, September 29, 2008

Happy Birthday to Ryan!

Headache, headache, headache! Not feeling to good today, been trying to study, but things aren't going into my brain.

Last Thursday, when we[Ryan, Lawrence, and Chew] are still in Malacca, we had a very simple barbecue dinner. It was nice, while waiting for the food to be cooked, we chat and really enjoyed ourselves. Before that, we already prepared a birthday cake for Ryan since his birthday falls on the upcoming Saturday. It was quite hard to plan anything special for him, since most of our friends are back to their hometown due to the 2 weeks break. We had a simple celebration for him, and then decided to bring him out for a treat again on his birth day. "Happy 20th Birthday Ryan! :-)"

Fruit Tarts: My younger sister's passion for cooking and baking is like a mouse's desire for cheese. She made these tarts till around 4am in the morning?[I don't know, fallen asleep already] Just to bring it to school to share it with her classmates. :-)

Stack-it-up: Still remember this game? I think it was firstly introduced by UNO with the product name "UNO STACKO" or something, correct me if I'm wrong. But this game set wasn't by UNO, it's another quality product by TESCO. The price was far cheaper than UNOs.

Barbecue: With the technologies we have nowadays, put up a burning charcoal is no longer a hard work. Just need a longer extension wire to supply electricity to the electric fan. [This is the way we do it! :p]

Barbecued Chicken with Garlic and Spring Onion: One word to describe, spectacular!

Dinner Plate: Who needs Victoria Station when you can get the whole set of meal for RM5? :p

Ryan's 20th Birthday: Best wishes from all of us here and may all ur wishes come true!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Cooking Time!

Was supposed to be doing our revision and get prepared for our examination, but somehow it's already Monday and we haven't even started anything yet. [We, as in Lawrence, Ryan, Chew and Me]
Last night, after sending Jun to Malacca Central for his trip back to Kedah, we;along with my brothers and sister stopped over at the Tesco nearby, getting some groceries for today's meal. It was fun since I haven't been shopping in Tesco for quite some time. [not too sure why, but i liked Tesco very much. Support Tesco product!] We spend almost one and a half hours there if I m not wrong. I bought chicken, fish, vegetable, for a balance meal. (:p) When we got home, Ryan marinated the chicken with his homely recipi.
Planned to sleep early last night, but after listening to my lectures on where I went for vacation previously, we ended up sleeping at around 2am.

The next morning, woke up very very late. However, we managed to prepare all the dishes in time.

Saturday, September 20, 2008


Haven't been back to Malacca for quite some time, although it's just for 2 or 3 weeks, I felt it had been very long. I noticed that each time I come back Malacca, there would be something different. Either the town itself, or my house. Recently, my mom just bought a karaoke system, not a very expensive one, but just for fun use. At least we get to practice once in a while, so that we won't be so lack of self-confidence when joining people for karaoke. I was very excited about it since I enjoyed singing very much, but after a while, I get quiet bored of it. Well, usually when we go for "Red Square" or "Red Box" or even "GoGoKTV", all those places for karaoke, they have a lot of songs in their library, and you can sing on all the songs you liked. While at home, it's quite hard to get all the songs that you like in karaoke mode. Even the pirated CD shops don't sell the songs i wanted.

Not too sure whether this week its going to be a productive week. Jun, Lawrence, Ryan and Chew followed me back to Malacca this week till Thursday. They didn't seem to be very interested about it, but trying my best to keep them entertain, but don't think I'm doing a good job here. Hope they will be fine.

Downloaded the past year questions, "pheww" lots to study.
-Written on 20th September 2008
The next morning, I woke up early, together with Jun. After went to pick up my sister from the tuition centre, we went for Dim Sum for breakfast. Didn't get much of a chance to have Dim Sum for breakfast at S.K. Why? Firstly, we never managed to wake up early. And secondly, Dim Sum in KL is a little expensive. Anyway, Dim Sum was good in Malacca. (:p)

Later in the afternoon, we went to Ayer Keroh Country Club(AKCC), that's where Jun and Ryan had their first experience of playing golf. It was too bad, till some of them get blisters on their fingers. Besides that, we also played table tennis.

After sending my younger brother to the tennis court near MITC for the tennis coaching, we stopped by MITC for the ALIEN SCIENCE EXHIBITION. The whole exhibition thing wasn't oo bad, was trying to get a idea on how the E-Week 2009 is going to be like. It was a good example for me to learn.
"Do you believe in ghost? If you are a believer than you must be believe in Aliens. Aliens are like ghost, from our childhood to our adulthood, ghost stories are like music to our ears but we still seen the ghost in movies only. We usually afraid of the surroundings and relate it with ghost all our lifetime. But its okay, afraid is human nature. Same goes to aliens. To our grandmother maybe the term of Aliens maybe sound ‘Alien’ to them. But us, grow up with Hollywood drama and movies about E.T, Star Wars and Battle Star Galactica, Aliens are like the ghost stories, just seen em’ in movies only.

Fret the Aliens no more as you all can meet with em Aliens at MITC but for a small fee. Now The Science of ALIENS Exhibition is open for public at MITC Melaka. The Details are below:

Date : Now Till 22 January 2009.
Opening Hours : Monday - Friday -> 11am to 7pm
Weekends -> 11am to 9pm
Admission fee : RM4.00 for children (7-18 years old)
RM8.00 for Adults
RM20 for family (Max of 2 adults and 3 children)

Please take notes entry closed about 30min before closing time. It’s said that this Alien exhibition once premiered in London, and has since toured to France, Spain, Japan and United States. The South East Asian debut is Starting at Melaka. Come here at MITC and explore for yourself the in depth study of Aliens life (do you really believe it?) with simulated Aliens world such as Aurelia and Blue Moon. Well I can’t discuss further about this Aliens Science because not my field but you can browse here for more Aliens Science info and don’t forget to experience yourself here at MITC Melaka."

- adapted from http://asmaliana.com/blog/2008/08/28/red-alert-aliens-has-invaded-melaka/

Friday, September 19, 2008

Mooncake Festival Celebration with Tzu-Chi MMU

It has been a very packed and interesting month, I haven't manage to get any of my weekends empty. Furthermore, with the Mooncake Festival falls in this month, most of the club and societies would take this great opportunity to organize a Mooncake Festival Gathering to draw more crowds into their clubs.

I am pretty sure most of you would heard about Tzu-Chi Foundation, and some of you might even be quite active in their acitivities. Anyway, Dharma Master Cheng Yen was the founder of this non-profit organization in 1966 in the impoverished east coast of Taiwan, and it's meant to contribute to a better social and community services, medical care, education and humanism for the people in Taiwan. She believed that all the suffering in this world is caused by material deprivation and spiritual property, and that "lack of love for others" has been the root of many problems in this world. "To save the world, we must begin by transforming human hearts." ... ...

The gathering already started when we arrived. We were a little late because we had a important meeting to attend before that. We went in, we were distibuted into the groups, and we had a great time. I am glad to know some new friends, like Muah Fu...(damn, my memory sucks, what's the girls name again??) Besides that, we had some surprise celebration for the people who will be having their birthday this month, we sang, the committees put up a very interesting hand-sign performance, and we had MOONCAKES! Everything was fabulous!

Afterthat, we were asked to write down our wish on a piece of paper. Then, clip it on the lanterns. It was a very nice way of making lanterns more interesting, it would very dull to see everyone having the same lantern otherwise. It was reaching the end of the day when everyone light up their candles and have a stroll around Cyberia.

Special thanks to Victor for the sincere invitation to the Mooncake Festival Gathering by Tzu-Chi MMU.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Jade Hill, Kajang

Ever heard of this new piece of property Jade Hills? Even with the name itself, it already reflects the class of the area. Well, this is the land for the rich.

We went there a few weeks ago, for the Lantern Festival Celebration, including Jun, Lawrence, Ryan, Victor, Chew.... organised by Jade Homes Sdn Bhd, at their Property Gallery in Kajang. When we first arrive there, we were sort of a little late, cause the poster stated the event is starting at 4pm. But hardly any of this kind of event start at that time, and decided to leave from home around 6pm, and reached there around 7pm. It was quite deep inside, a certain distance away from the town of Kajang. We were asked to park our car outside, telling us that all the carpark is full. So, we parked our car, step out, thought we suppose to walk all the way to the property gallery, but "woop", a Nissan X-trail stopped infront of us and telling us to get it, they will drive us there. I was very surprise with such service, although it was a little far to walk, but still not necessary to provide us with a shutter car to get us there. Anyhow, this shows that they made a lot of effort of preparing for a good event.

Once we arrived at the entrance of the gallery, "wow" the decorations were magnificant, with all the lanterns, it was colourful. As we walked in, there're performers blowing fires! (That sure catch everyone's attention.), models in traditional chinese dress, and photographers with instant-print camera in hand. I am very impressed with their plannings, they thought of every expect or organizing a good event. Apart from that, after registering at the registration counter, everyone were given a piece of mooncake, a lantern, and food coupons to exchange for free meals. We walked around, photographer offered us to take a photo for us. I was cheated and bullied by a professional clown(he was not a usual clown that blows balloon and smile at you), it was annoying, but fun.

After the meal, we started to visit the houses, or to be more specific, it's Banglos. (Price ranging from, 1.2million to 2.5million): *jaw drop*

Monday, September 15, 2008

National Planetarium

Had any of you been to the National Planetarium? Can't remember when's my last visit there, but it was about a few years ago. The National Planetarium would not be the usual place I would choose as a place to visit, and spend my time there. I find it a quite boring place and the exhibits are not interesting at all(It had been the same thing for all these while). Furthermore, some of the things usually out of service, especially the Anti-Gravity Simulation thing(not too sure what's it called).

For the past 2 days, during the weekend, I had spent almost all my time in the planetarium. Nothing much changed, but there's addition of new exhibits, since it had been a malaysian's glory of having the first astronaut to go outer space. Other than that, nothing much.

I was there for the past 2 days to help my father, along with his colleagues in a demonstration on the Digistar 3 planetarium screening system.

Since the result of the tender are not out yet, some of the photos taken are still confidential. I would put up the photos once they're ready.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

RC Basic First Aid Course

Never thought I would be joining "Bulan Sabit Merah" or also known as Red Crescent here in MMU in this part of my life. I was a St. John Ambulance member previously during my secondary year in St. David's High School, and was the vice president of the club. Eventhough I did not have much of a good experience in the club, but i still remember that PBSM were sort of a rival to us since we were fighting to get more members to the club. And now, I'm a member of Red Crescent.
Just attended the Basic First Aid Course today, and we were supposed to prepare ourselves for tomorrow's test for our Level 1 Certificate. One of the most important thing learned is CPR also known as Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation. These are some of the photos taken during the course.