Monday, September 1, 2008

RC Blood Donation Drive

Didn't expect do be brave enough to go for a blood donation. But I did finally went for the donation, my very first time experience.
Earlier that day, we had been mentioning about donating blood. It's like "Who's going for blood donation?", friends was like"Yes, I'm going!". Everyone seems to be excited to it, and since I am the kind of adventurous person that do not like to miss out on a group activities, I just did not think much of it and just followed the group of people there.

It was quiet surprising that MMU having such many kind students. The number of blood donors are really beyond my expectation(401 packets, each with 450ml of blood). I was the last registered donor for that day, and I still have to wait for a line of people which are ahead of me before my turn. I don't feel too comfortable while I was waiting, cause looking at those nurses holding on a needle connected to a bag by a host, looking at those blood being transfered from the arm to the bag, all those really made me feel sick!

Finally when its my turn to be on the seat, I felt so nervous and afraid at the same time. But everything as cool until a nurse stuck a needle into my arm. "Woo hoo", the pain was ... still bearable, but I don't feel fine for the whole process. I got dizzy and my eyes started to see dark spots. Till then, I have to stop, but I did managed to fill up the bag. Everything was fine after a while.

To future blood donors, please do not be freak out by what I've mentioned. Most of my friends which donated their blood, like kent, ooi, lawrence, chew, and xiang, they don't feel the pain at all. Not too sure why I felt the pain, it's probably that I've been thinking too much about the pain, all that was in my mind was pain. But its a good action that should be taken by everyone, you wouldn't know how those blood means to someone when they need it.

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