Saturday, September 20, 2008


Haven't been back to Malacca for quite some time, although it's just for 2 or 3 weeks, I felt it had been very long. I noticed that each time I come back Malacca, there would be something different. Either the town itself, or my house. Recently, my mom just bought a karaoke system, not a very expensive one, but just for fun use. At least we get to practice once in a while, so that we won't be so lack of self-confidence when joining people for karaoke. I was very excited about it since I enjoyed singing very much, but after a while, I get quiet bored of it. Well, usually when we go for "Red Square" or "Red Box" or even "GoGoKTV", all those places for karaoke, they have a lot of songs in their library, and you can sing on all the songs you liked. While at home, it's quite hard to get all the songs that you like in karaoke mode. Even the pirated CD shops don't sell the songs i wanted.

Not too sure whether this week its going to be a productive week. Jun, Lawrence, Ryan and Chew followed me back to Malacca this week till Thursday. They didn't seem to be very interested about it, but trying my best to keep them entertain, but don't think I'm doing a good job here. Hope they will be fine.

Downloaded the past year questions, "pheww" lots to study.
-Written on 20th September 2008
The next morning, I woke up early, together with Jun. After went to pick up my sister from the tuition centre, we went for Dim Sum for breakfast. Didn't get much of a chance to have Dim Sum for breakfast at S.K. Why? Firstly, we never managed to wake up early. And secondly, Dim Sum in KL is a little expensive. Anyway, Dim Sum was good in Malacca. (:p)

Later in the afternoon, we went to Ayer Keroh Country Club(AKCC), that's where Jun and Ryan had their first experience of playing golf. It was too bad, till some of them get blisters on their fingers. Besides that, we also played table tennis.

After sending my younger brother to the tennis court near MITC for the tennis coaching, we stopped by MITC for the ALIEN SCIENCE EXHIBITION. The whole exhibition thing wasn't oo bad, was trying to get a idea on how the E-Week 2009 is going to be like. It was a good example for me to learn.
"Do you believe in ghost? If you are a believer than you must be believe in Aliens. Aliens are like ghost, from our childhood to our adulthood, ghost stories are like music to our ears but we still seen the ghost in movies only. We usually afraid of the surroundings and relate it with ghost all our lifetime. But its okay, afraid is human nature. Same goes to aliens. To our grandmother maybe the term of Aliens maybe sound ‘Alien’ to them. But us, grow up with Hollywood drama and movies about E.T, Star Wars and Battle Star Galactica, Aliens are like the ghost stories, just seen em’ in movies only.

Fret the Aliens no more as you all can meet with em Aliens at MITC but for a small fee. Now The Science of ALIENS Exhibition is open for public at MITC Melaka. The Details are below:

Date : Now Till 22 January 2009.
Opening Hours : Monday - Friday -> 11am to 7pm
Weekends -> 11am to 9pm
Admission fee : RM4.00 for children (7-18 years old)
RM8.00 for Adults
RM20 for family (Max of 2 adults and 3 children)

Please take notes entry closed about 30min before closing time. It’s said that this Alien exhibition once premiered in London, and has since toured to France, Spain, Japan and United States. The South East Asian debut is Starting at Melaka. Come here at MITC and explore for yourself the in depth study of Aliens life (do you really believe it?) with simulated Aliens world such as Aurelia and Blue Moon. Well I can’t discuss further about this Aliens Science because not my field but you can browse here for more Aliens Science info and don’t forget to experience yourself here at MITC Melaka."

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