Monday, September 22, 2008

Cooking Time!

Was supposed to be doing our revision and get prepared for our examination, but somehow it's already Monday and we haven't even started anything yet. [We, as in Lawrence, Ryan, Chew and Me]
Last night, after sending Jun to Malacca Central for his trip back to Kedah, we;along with my brothers and sister stopped over at the Tesco nearby, getting some groceries for today's meal. It was fun since I haven't been shopping in Tesco for quite some time. [not too sure why, but i liked Tesco very much. Support Tesco product!] We spend almost one and a half hours there if I m not wrong. I bought chicken, fish, vegetable, for a balance meal. (:p) When we got home, Ryan marinated the chicken with his homely recipi.
Planned to sleep early last night, but after listening to my lectures on where I went for vacation previously, we ended up sleeping at around 2am.

The next morning, woke up very very late. However, we managed to prepare all the dishes in time.

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