Monday, September 29, 2008

Happy Birthday to Ryan!

Headache, headache, headache! Not feeling to good today, been trying to study, but things aren't going into my brain.

Last Thursday, when we[Ryan, Lawrence, and Chew] are still in Malacca, we had a very simple barbecue dinner. It was nice, while waiting for the food to be cooked, we chat and really enjoyed ourselves. Before that, we already prepared a birthday cake for Ryan since his birthday falls on the upcoming Saturday. It was quite hard to plan anything special for him, since most of our friends are back to their hometown due to the 2 weeks break. We had a simple celebration for him, and then decided to bring him out for a treat again on his birth day. "Happy 20th Birthday Ryan! :-)"

Fruit Tarts: My younger sister's passion for cooking and baking is like a mouse's desire for cheese. She made these tarts till around 4am in the morning?[I don't know, fallen asleep already] Just to bring it to school to share it with her classmates. :-)

Stack-it-up: Still remember this game? I think it was firstly introduced by UNO with the product name "UNO STACKO" or something, correct me if I'm wrong. But this game set wasn't by UNO, it's another quality product by TESCO. The price was far cheaper than UNOs.

Barbecue: With the technologies we have nowadays, put up a burning charcoal is no longer a hard work. Just need a longer extension wire to supply electricity to the electric fan. [This is the way we do it! :p]

Barbecued Chicken with Garlic and Spring Onion: One word to describe, spectacular!

Dinner Plate: Who needs Victoria Station when you can get the whole set of meal for RM5? :p

Ryan's 20th Birthday: Best wishes from all of us here and may all ur wishes come true!

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