Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Happy Birthday to Grandma and Grandpa!

Yesterday, had a meal of a lifetime. Lunch and dinner at price slaughtering restaurants. I was suppose to meet my family later that evening for a family dinner to celebrate my grandparents birthday at Petaling Jaya. Somehow, not very early in the morning, got a phone call from my sister asking me whether want to join the for lunch at Victoria Station near PJ. Usually, places like Victoria Station would be my very last choice for meals. Well, since they invited me, there's no reason for me to decline. :p After some preparation, I reached there about nearly one hour later. My father ordered a set for me. [Luckily he ordered, otherwise i might be having a very hard time to decide on what I want to eat.] I wished I didn't have to see the menu, it was ....

One of the waiter came, professionally hang a cloth on my neck. It was very uncomfortable, weird~ and I don't see others hanging a cloth around their neck. That's where all the extra charges went.

Can't remember the name of this meal, but it *something* sizzling beef *something*. It was nice, but till the end, get a little sick with the taste. The price for this meal should be able to get me one whole week supply of "wanton mee".
That's all for my lunch, here comes dinner:

This restaurant is well equipped with the latest "waitering" system. You can press on either "call" to request the attendance of a waiter, "Bill" for billing, and "Water" for topping up your cup with tea or water. *woo =.="

For the whole meal, I think this is the best, its like a roasted fish meat with caramel, smell nice and taste nice. (rated 5*)

Last but not least, Happy Birthday to Grandpa and Grandma! The dinner ended with me singing a few Jay Chou's songs for my grandparents. :p

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