Saturday, September 6, 2008

Gauss Low's 19th Birthday Celebration

Gauss, do sound familiar to any of you? It's actually one of friend's new nick name. Not too sure why he called himself Gauss, probably due to his surname "Low" where it sounded a little like "Law", and ended up with "Gauss Low" instead of "Gauss Law". I knew him since last year when I first came into MMU during orientation week, where he's the only one i knew with a bold hair like me after being released by the National Service Camp. And there I thought I was the only person came out from the camp for my tertiary studies. (=.=")
Anyway, few days ago, we just celebrated his 19th birthday. It was rather a simple and surprising birthday party. We were thinking of bringing him out to Sunway for a treat on the day itself. However, we ended up giving him a surprise when the clock strike 12am. Special thanks goes to Jun, who went to get all the food stuff, and Calvin, Ooi, Liau for providing their apartment for us to do the celebration! [Gauss, you should really thank them!]
As usual, we sang some birthday song, Gauss blow the candle, and yeah, we actually got to call his girlfriend who is now studying over in Perak to sing with us through the phone. Afterthat, enjoyed the meal prepared by Jun and gang. [There might be some misunderstanding during the party, but I hope everyone would not take it too hard, because things just got a little out of hands.] Everything's fine. We ended the party with a few rounds of card games, and Gauss won quite a handfull of coins there.

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