Monday, September 15, 2008

National Planetarium

Had any of you been to the National Planetarium? Can't remember when's my last visit there, but it was about a few years ago. The National Planetarium would not be the usual place I would choose as a place to visit, and spend my time there. I find it a quite boring place and the exhibits are not interesting at all(It had been the same thing for all these while). Furthermore, some of the things usually out of service, especially the Anti-Gravity Simulation thing(not too sure what's it called).

For the past 2 days, during the weekend, I had spent almost all my time in the planetarium. Nothing much changed, but there's addition of new exhibits, since it had been a malaysian's glory of having the first astronaut to go outer space. Other than that, nothing much.

I was there for the past 2 days to help my father, along with his colleagues in a demonstration on the Digistar 3 planetarium screening system.

Since the result of the tender are not out yet, some of the photos taken are still confidential. I would put up the photos once they're ready.

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