Thursday, September 18, 2008

Jade Hill, Kajang

Ever heard of this new piece of property Jade Hills? Even with the name itself, it already reflects the class of the area. Well, this is the land for the rich.

We went there a few weeks ago, for the Lantern Festival Celebration, including Jun, Lawrence, Ryan, Victor, Chew.... organised by Jade Homes Sdn Bhd, at their Property Gallery in Kajang. When we first arrive there, we were sort of a little late, cause the poster stated the event is starting at 4pm. But hardly any of this kind of event start at that time, and decided to leave from home around 6pm, and reached there around 7pm. It was quite deep inside, a certain distance away from the town of Kajang. We were asked to park our car outside, telling us that all the carpark is full. So, we parked our car, step out, thought we suppose to walk all the way to the property gallery, but "woop", a Nissan X-trail stopped infront of us and telling us to get it, they will drive us there. I was very surprise with such service, although it was a little far to walk, but still not necessary to provide us with a shutter car to get us there. Anyhow, this shows that they made a lot of effort of preparing for a good event.

Once we arrived at the entrance of the gallery, "wow" the decorations were magnificant, with all the lanterns, it was colourful. As we walked in, there're performers blowing fires! (That sure catch everyone's attention.), models in traditional chinese dress, and photographers with instant-print camera in hand. I am very impressed with their plannings, they thought of every expect or organizing a good event. Apart from that, after registering at the registration counter, everyone were given a piece of mooncake, a lantern, and food coupons to exchange for free meals. We walked around, photographer offered us to take a photo for us. I was cheated and bullied by a professional clown(he was not a usual clown that blows balloon and smile at you), it was annoying, but fun.

After the meal, we started to visit the houses, or to be more specific, it's Banglos. (Price ranging from, 1.2million to 2.5million): *jaw drop*

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