Saturday, August 30, 2008

SONY Nature Photography - Living With Nature

Sony Nature Camp 2008

The Sony Nature Photography Project has adopted a fresh approach this year by combining the photography contest with the nature camp for a more activity packed and comprehensive learning experience to the students. Like the previous year, this year’s project is open to secondary school students aged 13~19 years old. In the past years, the nature camp took place in Kuala Selangor Nature Park (2005), Pulau Pendidikan Belum-Temengor (2006) and Cameron Highlands (2007).

This year, we would like to invite students to once again join us for this Sony Nature Photography Project and win a ticket to the nature camp cum photography contest which will be held at Langkawi from 18~21 October 2008. Activities at the camp include sight-seeing, educational photography lessons, games, photography contest and student projects based on nature conservation.

Students are required to create a team, register the team online at and work as a team to go through 2 stages for this project.

Stage One:
Students must win a qualifying chance to participate in the Sony Nature Photography camp in Langkawi from 18~21 October 2008

Stage Two:
Selected winning teams will attend the 4-days & 3-nights camp in Langkawi, and to participate in the ‘Living with Nature’ Sony Nature Photography Contest 2008 to win more attractive prizes.


Editor's Comment:

2005 SONY Nature Photography Camp @ Kuala Selangor Nature Park

2006 SONY Nature Photography Camp @ Belum Temenggor Forest Reserve, Pulau Pendidikan, Pahang

2007 SONY Nature Photography Camp @ Cameron Highlands, Pahang

SONY Nature Photography Camp is back once again for year 2008! I had been participating as a student in this event since the very first camp in Kuala Selangor, followed by Belum Temenggor Forest Reserve, Pulau Pendidikan. After graduating from high school, I had joined CLICK! as a voluntary guide for the students during the camp in Cameron Highland last year. For those who are interested, please do click on the link stated above and get registered. Those who made in for the stage one will be eligible to attend the camp at Pulau Langkawi this year, where there'll be more fun and excitements! See you guys there!

Do email me at for more informations.

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