Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Malaysia International Fireworks Competition 2008

Malaysia International Fireworks Competition, or also known as MIFC, has been one of the annual events that been held in our country since year 2007. It has been one of the most watched event by our own malaysians as well as foreign tourist.

Our Ministry of Tourism had once again host the MIFC this month, August in Putrajaya. Renowned world-class Fireworks Teams from the 5 participating countries, which includes Malaysia, China, Canada, Spain, and last but not least, Australia, will all gather here in Putrajaya to put up their amazing firework designs in the skies, to fight for the "Golden Merdeka Trophy". Just for your additional information, Australia had won the MIFC07, defeating the 4 other countries. Thus, this year MIFC08 will end with Australian's Fireworks Grand Finale.

These are the upcoming fireworks presentation schedule:
12th August - Team Malaysia
16th August - Team China
20th August - Team Canada
24th August - Team Spain
29th August - Team Australia

There won't be any tickets selling this year, so get as close as you can to the designated spectator stadium at PICC, it's absolutely free! Be sure not to miss the upcoming show!

For more details, (e.g. Location Map) visit

Comments from the Editor,

For those who doesn't want to get stuck in the traffic jam, you can actually watch the event from Cyberjaya. At the traffic light near the MSC Building, let's say heading straight will lead you to Dengkil, turn left at the traffic light and go straight till approximately for another 4-5Km. You will be able to watch the fireworks there, but of course, the effects won't be as nice as you are at PICC. Hope you enjoy the show!

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