Friday, August 22, 2008

Ricky, Lily and Eddie

SPCA Angel's Foster Club

The animal shelter receives 700-800 kittens, cats, puppies and dogs a month, and they are in dire need of good foster homes to care for many of the animals temporarily. Young and orphaned, sick or injured, these animals need to be kept separately from the other animals at the shelter to prevent their conditions from worsening due to poor immune systems.

According to SPCA Chairperson, Ms. Christine Chin, these vulnerable animals need to be cared for individually and carefully, vaccinated and then brought back to the shelter where they would stand a better chance of withstanding the threat of contagious diseases at the shelter. SPCA staff has been trying to keep the shelter clean at all times. However, there are always new animals coming in, possibly bringing with them disease that are easily transmitted though air and water.

The foster club would be a good option especially for the people who love animals but can't commit to one for the long-term, or for those who have the time and space to accommodate one or two more animals temporarily from time to time, besides their own pets. The fostering period ranges from 2 weeks to several months, depending on the age and physical condition of the animal. Mostly, it is the puppies and kittens which need fostering, as they often come in motherless and require extra special attention. The SPCA will provide food, medical care and advice to qualified fosterers, who need to attend a foster care workshop prior to their participation.

We are looking forward to those who are interested to be part of this program. Please do not hesitate to contact SPCA at or you can also drop me a email at for any further details.

Editor's Comment:

The second group of puppies that I fostered this time is quite different compared to the first group, which are Rocky, Apacer and Belle. I still remember when I first got those puppies in my hand, they are so young and small, even my palm can fit them. They are four of them, 2 male and 2 female, all black in colour where some of their eyes hardly open yet. In the car, they became so active and so curious about the environment, kept climbing out from the box. From they firstly arrived at my home, till now I had to send them back for adoption, everything seems to pass by so quickly. It's true that dogs are men best companion, now that their are away, I couldn't feel more empty than ever. I'm even dripping tears now when I'm writing this post. During the day that I'm sending them back, they act like they knew they are leaving me. It's harder to get them into the carrier than usual when I brought them back to Malacca. And when we leaved them in the shelter, looking into their eyes, it even looks like they are having tears.

To Ricky, Lily and Eddie,

We loved you very much, and you'll always be in our heart and mind. I hope that you would get a good owner, that will take good care of you, and understand what you need. We will always miss you and pray all the best in your life after this.

And To Molly, (passed away on June 2008)
We're very sorry not to be able to take a more good care of you. I pray that you would have a better life in heaven, and be as happy as you ever can. We missed you a lot. Take good care of yourself.

Albert and Lawrence

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