Friday, August 1, 2008

38 Hours

Many things had happened in this 38 hours. This would be a very long story to write. It all started yesterday, where everyone had been preparing themselves for the mid-term examination, circuit theory paper. Nothing much happened before the examination, except for some of my friends that forgotten to bring their calculator to the examination. However, they still manage to find a way to borrow it from someone.

The actual story starts after the examinations, or I should called it the beginning of our mid-term break. There isn't any plan of activities to celebrate the start of the holidays, as most of us were busy preparing for the exam earlier. After the paper, we gathered at the car park for a little talk as to arrange some transportation over to the PIKOM PC Fair. And we just got to know that Jun had accidentally locked his room door and left his key inside, which was quite a disaster for him since everyone are almost "empty pockets" now. Somehow, it ended up paying a lock-smith to come and opened the door.

Later on, we all went out again, thinking probably to spend our time in a cybercafe to have a Dota match of our own, in conjunction of the end of our circuit theory and engineering maths paper. However, we ended up discussing on another activities which are more excited. It really disappointed Kitz since he was really looking forward for a Dota match. After a long time of discussion and invitation to our friends staying at Cyberia, we went Putrajaya, again, to take group photos. However, this time we had some new friends joining us, which are Sue and Shay as well as Wen and Cecelia.

Well, I was really impressed and amazed with all the friends that agreed to join us yesterday. I had never expect such a large crowd to hang out together. Special thanks to our organizer, Jun and Shoong. However, things could be much better once the ice is broken among all of us, cause some of them are still new in our friends network. Apart from that, things could be more perfect without the policemen keep on appearing in wherever we wanted to take some photos.
[In which we could not really blame them since its really really late at night, and they are just doing their duties and responsibility.]

Sue and Shay are having their in-lab assignment in the early next morning, thus we should better bring them back earlier so that they could be more prepared.

After dragging myself from continuing to write on this post for quite sometime, I hardly even remember clear what happen that day. Not having a very good memory.

As Shoong was sending them back, we head straight away to the Old Town Kopitiam for our very very late dinner. While waiting for the arrival of the other friends, we spent some time looking through the menu deciding what to order. The statement "Nothing is cheap in Cyberjaya." is rather true. A cup of coffee would cost you around RM2.80 till RM3.80 ++, and the price differ whether you want it cold or hot. Does giving a extra ice really cost that much?
Due to my extreme hunger, I have no choice, but to order a bowl of noodles(maggie type) which cost me around RM 5.50++, along with a drink RM2.20++, the price is really slaughtering me.
During the supper or very early breakfast, everyone was happy chit-chatting. However, things weren't that comfortable since there's very obvious seperation of groups. I talk mine, you talk yours, that kind of thing. Probably caused by the arrangement of the tables. After a while, Hui and Wen went back.

And of course, that's not the end of the day. There is still much more to come and let me remind you that it's already 3.46am. Later on, here comes the basketball fest! The basketball court lights are turned off, but it doesn't stop any of us youngsters to continue our game.
We played in the dark, but there's still light from the surrounding building, the situation aren't that bad after all. be continued.....;


reddishTea said...

hey there! the bridge looks so nice taken by dslr lar!!! i went thr to take pictures too last month by using my digital camera, turn out okok only. =( quite fun hang out wif such a big gang but somehow, still duno some of them. next time shud jump at middle of the road n shoot. haha, must be nice. lol. can i have the photos? =)

Zhiqin said...

Oh hey, never expect you to be reading my blog. Thanks again for the compliment, but i think my camera does most of the work here; with a dslr, and a little photography skill, this photo is nothing hard to be captured. Seems like you're quite a photography person, probably you can take some shots using my camera next time we have any trip out again :-)

And of course, you can have those photos. I will be uploading the rest soon, probably in another few more days, my eyes are becoming like a panda if I don't get more sleep. :p

reddishTea said...

hehe, thanks first! link to your blog through henry's. do u have flickr? yea i love photography and i always wanted to save up some money to get a dslr but u know.... always fail 1.. =(

take a look at my putra jaya post
im using 2.5sec shutter speed to capture.. if not everything wil be sooo dark.

btw, can i have those photos without watermark =p it's okay if cant. =)

Zhiqin said...

Ah, no wonder. I don't have flickr account. But I can definitely provide you with some of my photos without the watermarks.

Anyways, regarding the photo you taken on the bridge, it wasn't too bad, there's few point i would like to comment on, hope you won't mind. Not too sure whether it's caused by the reduced quality, the picture looks a little noisy, what ISO are you using? And do you notice that few spots on the bridge are a little over-exposed. I am recommending this, try using the lowest ISO you can reach with your camera(picture will be smoother), then set the aperture around f9-f12.5(so that you get a more detailed scenery view), lastly try and error using shutter speed from 10s-20s(remember to zoom in and make sure the picture doesn't get blur).

reddishTea said...

hey... thanks for the comments and some tutorials.. i will try it out again during the next visit to putra jaya. last time i set the ISO to be auto, and shutter speed just 2.5s, i will try 10s next time. bout the aperture, normal digital camera can set it?b'cos i couldnt find it. =)
nice day!