Monday, May 18, 2009

Yi Pin's 18th Birthday Celebration @ Wong Kok Char Chan Teng

Happy18th Birthday to Yipin!

Well, I'd really hope I did not let him down. At first, I really thought I would be able to invite more of our classmates to join for the dinner to celebrate his birthday. It's his 18th birthday, though it may not sound important to some people, however I treasure birthday a lot. It's the only day which belongs to you, the day you're born. If it was me, I definitely hope some people would help me to organize a gathering to celebrate my birthday, rather than I organize it and invite people to come. So, even though I keep saying "its alrite, don't have to trouble yourself to celebrate for me", but deep inside my heart, I'm always hoping for one. I guess that's why I'm so keen to celebrate for a friend.

Anyway, even though there's just six of us. It turned out pretty well, yipin seems to be pretty enjoying himself, especially with that pail-sized glass of milk-tea. It's just something different than what we usually have. And I'm glad that Fathimath and Aishah from Maldives, walked all the way from their apartment to join us[Thank you for joining us! definitely made it merrier!]. Things should be good for Wei Jia and Melvin, weijia was complaining about the size of the meat was very small, but melvin still manage to take the meat with 2 bowl of rice. That's the way a guy eat, always needed more rice to fill our stomach.

Looks drunk with milk-tea.Got-cha!

*Yipin, hope you enjoyed the day! May all your wishes and dreams come true.


yuna said...

i enjoyed it very much.. thanks for everything!!

stephy said...

wahh.. the milk tea cup so BIG!

LOL. I think the same as you! though I'll go like nevermind la.. No need organize for me but inside I want to have a party thrown for me! though I don't need it to be big, but it'd be nice right? :)

Zhiqin said...

yea, haha. just a simple one will do. Dun mind the cake, a day out for a gathering will be just as good. :p