Thursday, May 7, 2009

Orientation in TOA

Woke up at about 8.20am, overslept a little. Can't sleep well yesterday night, probably due to the tea I took during my dinner with my previous housemates. Dragged me till 3am before I snooze off. Didn't manage to catch my breakfast, just walk there straight away. Along my walk there, felt that new environment is starting to change my life a lot. I never try to walk to school before, and now I'm just staying within a stone throw away from my college[cool]. Morning walk to college was good. I get to hit the zebra crossing signal button, wait for it to turn green, and look at the cars stopped just right next to me, just so I can cross the road. Usually, I'm always the one looking at people crossing the road. [It's different]

Prior arriving at the college lobby, new students turned out to be more than what I expected to be. [Yeap] I was there just in time, 9.15am sharp. Yet, still had to wait for the administration staff to get us registered and later on, begin the briefing. With such large number of students, all gathered in the same block of a shoplot at the same time, its nothing good. [Damn] In a closed building, without a sufficient horse power air-conditioner, it was HELL. As I am lining up at the queue to get myself registered, I'm getting really uncomfortable, yet trying to distract myself by discovering some new faces that will be studying here together. Normal people, nothing extraordinary, hoping for someone who will be more "automatic" in socializing. Me? I wasn't in the mood to initiate a conversation.

They showed us mesage video by TOA principals, as well as head of various departments. Nothing much really, just wanted to introduce those people to us. Only a person made a grand appearance today. I think most of you would know him[I heard about him, but not really know him well.]. Well, he is none other than Eric Leong, a Malaysian Celebrity Designer. He was in TV shows, like 8TV, TV3, Astro ...etc. He was giving out home-decor tips on radio as well. Was quite well known world wide. Not really a fan of his, but he difinitely brought some cheers to us today[luckily, otherwise I will be so tensed due to the warm and stuffy hall environment].
Portrait of Eric Leong, famous celebrity designer

"Don't know him? It's okay laa... he's nothing much larr....Just came out in a few TV shows, radio stations, won a few awards, design for IKEA, Royal Selangor...." - Learnt from him:p He always do that to the other celebrities.

Today, in overall, I would consider the orientation was a little bull-shitting, except from obtaining my new TOA Student ID, and Student Handbook. I didn't pick up other information which are useful. And they end the orientation about 12.30pm. [What the heck?!] Got stuck inside my room for the rest of the day. Didn't even get time to know anybody new.
Lucas was there, a friend from St David, was studying here for a year already. What a day...
*Again, hoping tomorrow will be a better day. Otherwise I will be rotting inside my room, got baked into a salted fish. One thing good being in TOA, get to interact with famous people, which it's quite cool in certain way. :-)


xxSZELINGxx said...

Good Luck...May everything goes well in your new life...=)

Zhiqin said...

Thanks szeling... :-)