Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Similarities in Differences

Have you ever notice the similarities in differences? [weird sentence~]

Even though I'm in a new place, new environment, meeting new people, there's always a similarities to the past. I was sitting at the back of the class today, observing at people. Wanted to know everyone in my class, and make friends. In my every groups of friends, in every stages of my life, from kindergarden, primary, secondary, previous tertiary and now in TOA, there will always be the few same characteristic of people. I found all these very interesting.

As usual, we will always see a one or two, or a small group of student, which are what I call them "smarter kids" sitting exactly at the front most desk, trying to charm the lecturer. Then, there will be at least one or two very big sized students which will get a lot of attention from everyone[not insulting, but more to a compliment], which people will be talking about that particular person probably during lunch or breaks, or even when that person walked pass you; "hey, that guy was in my class.". Apart from that, we will have a very high confident female student in the class, besides having a outrageous appearance, probably talk good as well; in which I'm predicting, sooner or later, there might be a long queue of guys going after that girl. Next, here comes a group of joker, which always sound weird in class, but everyone still seems to enjoy themselves with great laughter. Last but not least, there will be me, observing everyone, trying to make friends. [:-)]

Today was much better. Manage to hang out with a few new friends at Sunway Pyramid, at least got to enjoy some cold air. But still, it wasn't cold enough. [damn] Things was good today, and hope to a better one tomorrow.

*Got to know a new friend, called "yuri". Still feel pretty awkward calling that name. Maybe this is the time learning to face it and not running away.