Monday, May 4, 2009

I Can Relate to Ghosts of Girlfriends Past

Been disliking romance stories for quite some time now. It haven't been good, or I can say "it never happens in reality".
After watching trailer of the new movie "GHOSTS OF GIRLFRIENDS PAST", the movie look kind of cool. It's about this famous guy, named Connor Mead, whom is a celebrity photographer, almost all girls will fall for his charm. Getting a gorgeous girl for himself is just as simple as cracking a peanut. In short, he hook up with a girl, and the next thing he does is break up.
His brother Paul is getting married soon, Connor had to be there, and guess what's worst that could happen? At the same time, Jenny, Connor's childhood friend was there as well.
Out of the unexpected, this movie portray supernatural elements. It's not a horror movie, so supernatural happens for a good cause. Connor's uncle, Uncle Wayne, appeared during his stay. Uncle Wayne once lived a life like Conners, and don't want him to follow his footsteps. Using his supernatural power, he brings him to the past, present and future to find a way to change Connor. So maybe just this time, he would be able to keep his love.
It's a hilarious love story.

This is the first time I'm writing for Nuffnang to join one their competition. At certain point, I'm still considering whether I would want to write for this romance story, cause it always brings up the past memories. Well, since I knew she is no more following this blog. I guess it should be fine for me to write about it. I wanted to write a post about it for quite some time, but I can't seem to find the right words, and I'm always so confuse when thinking about this matter.

Actually I couldn't relate myself to Ghost of Girlfriends Past. But this movie reminds me of something she said. I believe to certain extend, girls always want to live a princess life, glamourous, pretty and have a prince charming, someone to be proud of to show to someone else. I'm actually relating myself to the story through a perspective of a boyfriend of a girl of one of Connors many failed relationship partners.

I couldn't seem to forget about our relationships even we have separated for 2 years plus. I tried to move on, but whenever I see her, all the promises I made to myself was broken. I made many attempts, trying to attract her back. Sometimes, trying my best to treat her as a normal friend, so just we can spend more time together. It all ended up hurting myself. It's not her fault, but it's all on me. I wouldn't want to let go every chance I have to meet her.
One of the bad days, or worst day, we were gathering on one of my friend's birthday occassion. I was very nervous and excited to know she will be there to join the gathering. I mind so much on what I'm going to wear, is my hair okay? and what am I going to say when I see her so I don't look weird. And then when I get there, I can't be normal. She is in a british-liked skirt, I was stunned, she looked great in it. It all started quite well, but she mentioned something about boyfriend. And there I thought she was talking about maybe a boyfriend inside a game, as she also had a husband before this in one of the online games. But she then describe how the guy propose and stuff, my hands was shivering and do not even dare to look at her. At that moment, I was really hurt inside, and don't seem to accept that she got another boyfriend. I finish my cup of green tea, and drove away immediately. Was shouting in the car all the way back[crazy]. Hardly describe my feelings, mixed emotions, mostly dissapointed and sad.

About a few months later, only I get to know she broke up. Then, she started to slowly at least accept me a little by spending a little more time together. We opened up details that we usually kept to ourselves. Actually I insisted he to tell me about her story with her ex. Even though, I am really risking my feelings for that, I really wanted to know what happen. Apparently, her boyfriend was previously a advertisement model. Definitely great looking. From our conversation, the guy was rich as well. I got pretty disturbed when she told me that she is the one started to hint that guy.[I've no rights to be jealous, but you know, when you like that person, I'm pretty sure you will have this feeling as well. It's not something I'm going to be proud of] Anyway, they have a few dates together, but the guy was absent without notice for a few times. One time he did that is all enough for me to terminate him, but he did it more than that. Of course I'm only paying attention on his bad sides, he might be a good person, I just do not know. I was really pissed off, how can he do this? I mean its like he don't really mind that much about the date. Asking a girl to wait at somewhere, at later on not being there without any notice. And the reason he told her was he fallen asleep. [I really want to kill that guy.] Being late is already a minus mark, and he can "fly aeroplane".

Guys like this, probably like Connor doesn't seem to appreaciate much of the things he has until he realize he's loosing it.
[Upon writting this post, I am worried that she might be reading as well. All the things I wrote here is all on my selfish thoughts. She might be happy even the guy done all those. I'm not in the position to say anything.]
Till now, we are no longer in touch. In the meanwhile, I'm living life to the fullest, as I missed out a lot for the past years grieving on my loss. Learning to share love with someone else who cares.

Anyway, I will still watch this movie. Always love the happy ending, hoping one day I will get my happy ending as well. [haha]
*She left a very deep mark in my life. As one of my friend mentioned, people we met in our life are just passerbys. They come and go, some left marks when they leave; some don't leave anything; and some takes things away. I guess she should be the one who left a very good mark. I won't be remembering the person she is now, I will just keep what's her when we were together. Now, I'm stepping out of the circle which I consider myself loyal.


lonely guy ^ - 9 said...

I sure u will get your happy ending soon...If no, come find me, I introduce u...wakaka

Zhiqin said...

wa seh, you got list arr? haha.

Prince Harry said...

Just passed by!

I'm glad that you think that way after what you experienced. Its true like what you said "girls always want to live a princess life, glamourous, pretty and have a prince charming, someone to be proud of to show to someone else." Its true, very true.

But just to let you know that there are many other girls who's not like that, I know its hard to find one, but as long as your mind is strong, you'll get your girl someday.^^

Just an opinion only since I experience it before. Bye and good luck for you.^^