Monday, May 11, 2009

Mothers' Day

You will never know how much damage would a wrong phone call would do.

Last Saturday, Mothers' Day Eve, I was on my way back from KL, with a few new friends, as they wanted to spend their weekends in Malacca. Everything was good, until I received a phone call from my mom. My grandma slipped and fall, and was hospitalized. My mind was all about her, whether she is fine. Falling down is a very serious case for the elderly people.

After a while, once I got everything sort out with my friends. I headed to the hospital after picking up my brother from the tuition center. She looked really weak. I heard from the doctors that she had a fractured bone, and it might take some time to heal. She can hardly move now, a little movement, she will feel the pain. Even moving to the bathroom is a problem for her.

Early next day, even before I wake up. My mom was out already, guessing she should be heading to the hospital. Apparently, I got to find out that my grandma asked the nurse to call her, saying she want to go back home. My mom was there the whole morning to settle the documentations. Later on, I just got to know that my aunt, and my uncle also came all the way from KL and JB, just to check out on my grandma. I followed my mum and uncle to get a special chair from the pharmacy, cause my grandma can't walk to the toilet. Each time she needs to pass motion, we will need to help her to get to that chair.

It was a very hard day for me, but especially for my mum. For the few coming weeks, she will be quite occupied with taking care of my grandma. Well, in this special day, a mom taking care of her mom.

*How accident happened?
My grandma was bathing in the bathroom. Suddenly, the phone rang. My grandpa was washing some vegetable at the kitchen. My grandpa thought of finishing his washing first, since he is almost done before picking up the phone. When he got out, he already saw my grandma lying on the floor. My grandma rushed out from the toilet, wanted to reach for the phone. That's how it all happened. My grandpa then later still manage to answer the phone, and the worst thing is, it's a wrong number phone call.
This mistake almost cost a life.

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-EdwiN- said...

hope ur grandma's gettin better day after day..stay strong, pray hard for her