Thursday, May 7, 2009

New Life Begins

My new room

A month of enjoying and laziness has finally come to an end. Just finish unpacking loads of my stuff, and now sitting here just to note down some of my feelings.

Was thinking a lot of what I'm going to expect tomorrow. Did not get this feeling till now, started to worry a little whether are things going to be fine this time? Am I going to fit in?
New people, new environment, new lifestyle.
*Not even sure what to write. Just hope and pray things will be fine tomorrow. :-)


Li Ting said...

All The Best! Everything is going to be Fine.

lonely guy ^ - 9 said...

Wish u all the best!!! I sure tomorrow will be better..

zijing said...

dear zhi qin,
pray for u.god will lead ur way.
no worry,enjoying the single moment u spend,for we doesn't knw what might happen next~