Wednesday, April 29, 2009

We're in Magazine. [Zhiqin, Lawrence, Jun, Kent, Henry]

Ah, one of those moments. It was really an unforgettable experience volunteering in SPCA. Before we decided to foster some of the puppies, it did not took us long time to consider about the responsibility and changes to our lifestyle. Or I could say, it was all decided withing a short period of time. Me, myself was very very kin to foster puppies, since I did not have any chance to have pets in my home back in Malacca. So, since I'm staying out for my studies, was wanted to have a different experience by having a pet. I started to ask Lawrence, whether he wants, he looks pretty positive in it. And few days later, gave Ms Jacinta a call. And there we pick up our first batch of three puppies. We named them, Belle, Apacer and Rocky. [:-)]
We really enjoyed ourselves with the puppies, and later on we fostered another 4 puppies. We named them, Molly, Ricky, Lily and Eddie.
The most saddening part was actually after three months, we were all there during roadshows to get them a permanent home, to be adopted by family. Deep inside my heart, we feel very reluctant to give them away. But it would be best for them.

I wasn't being able to sleep well without the puppies, cause I'm sleeping in the room near the window, and I could always hear the puppies playing around when I'm going to bed. However, when they are gone. It was all very quiet and I'm not used to it. Writing on this post, reminds me of a lot back then, wondering how are they doing now.
*Cool, missing those puppies.

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