Sunday, April 26, 2009

Uncle Wong @ Foster Home

It was another bright sunny day, woke up early in the morning, with my housemates[jun, ryan, chew and lawrence], and we are on a mission today. Community service, by taking the children from a foster home for a day out in the bird park. It's a good time spending with my old housemates, since this should be the only time I could spend more time and tighten our bonds again after the dissapearance of me for a long time.
We arrived at the foster home about 9am, its named as "Rumah Shalom: A Foster Home For Caring and Sharing". Then, we went around searching for the kid that we are each assigned to. Lawrence and Jun, was given responsibility to take care of Asteria, while Ryan and Chew's was Esther. And me, was a fourteen years old kid, named Sam. Nice kid, smart and well dressed.
I started quite badly for the day. Was putting too much attention in taking good photographs, rather than putting more attention to break the ice between me and Sam. During the travelling in the bus, May[friend of mine, Winston partner] told me I should try to talk to him[cause I wasn't talking to him, but Sue Ern instead, she was telling me about TOA]. Well, May was true, cause I seem pretty cruel just to throw Sam aside, sitting near the side and look out into the window. Immediately, went to sat beside him and just started to talk about random topic, regarding how was life in the house, his interest, his dreams...etc. It turned out to be a pretty constructive conversation.
We arrived at the KL Bird Park about 11.30am. Took a large group photo before entering the park. The kids are happy, and a lot of people are watching as the walked past. As we form ourself into smaller groups before we enter the park, I think Jun[started with calling me "Uncle Wong", if not wrong], and some of the kids started to call me uncle Wong. Thought it might sound nothing to anyone, but at that moment, I feel really different[You know, the feeling of being more elderly? haha...speechless]. I later on urge my group of members to take Uncle Wong's Group photo.
From top left, Chew, Uncle Wong, Jun, Lawrence, Jason, May, JJ, Middle row: David, Ryan, Adrian, Ester, Winston, Jennifer, Bottom Row: Alexander, Sam, John2, and Titus.

Then, we enter the park with full heart to make the children happy. The kids were initially very attracted to some of the birds, like the Great Hornbill, Eagle, Parrots[like the one from faber castell], Owl[like the ones from Harry Potter], peacocks. However, they get even more excited in the hunt of getting large feathers for collections. I was pretty amazed with some of my friends that they actually give so much attention, care and patience to the kids as I definitely never seen before during studies. It hit me straight way that these are some of the guys and girls that will take good care of their children when having their own family. [Maybe I jumped tod fast to conclusion for this one experience, but yeah I am really convinced.]
Me and Sam
Lawrence and Asteria
David and [err...forgotten his name]

Seeing we putting those smile on the kids faces really made me feel that we are so much more than what we are. Those smile which had been taken away since they were left in that home, and no one to depend on, but only to themselves. I'm glad we had bring them one day of cheers and joy. After a tiring day at the bird park, we had our farewell late lunch at McDonalds.
Another group photo in front of McDs
Me with Nigel

After sending them back to the home, we, the childrens had a hardtime to say goodbyes. However, as said, everything will have an end. We said our final good byes to the children and leaved with an unforgettable memories and experience. As for me, I've all the photos, to remind me of this wonderful day. :-)