Tuesday, April 7, 2009

For one who was born in the 1980's

I found this very interesting forwarded email by twins. It really bring back all the past memories when we were young, especially those who are having almost the same age as me. It's quite amusing how we are attracted to all these toys and snacks when we were young. Somehow, things that I thought I'm the only one playing with, some other kids are playing as well.
Yeah, life seems to be pretty amazing in a way how we share our similarities. Well, these are some photos to share.

Mysterious Toy Box, "TORA". If I'm not wrong, power rangers was brought by them on television.
Chewing Gum - One of my favorites, I think I'd swallowed quite a number of it in my stomach. [haha] :p
Ahh, cards we used to play when we were young. Especially when school's ending for the year.
Back to the Future - One of the legendary films, by Steven Spielberg. Loved it! Even till now.
Erasers - One of the way kids back those days gamble, if my eraser flipped on top of yours. Your eraser belongs to me! :p
Power Rangers. [Go! Go! Power Rangers!]
Our Multi-Slot Pencil Case. Always admired those who has it. I don't have one before.
If I don't remember wrong, we always get this free from the "JJ" Snacks packet.
Classical Piano, mini sized. I have a red one!
Ice Cream Biscuits - Not too sure what do they call this. But yeah, my sis likes it a lot. I always plug the top out first. :p
SUGUS - My grandpa's best friend! Always use it to keep me quite. haha
Gun? - haha, enjoy playing this as well.
Penguin was brought up to the top, by the lifting stairs, and slides down on its track. One of my favorite.
Chocolate Candy - My mum says it looks like cockroach eggs.
*Made me feel like being a kid again. How do you feel?


-EdwiN- said...

hey~~~ i seen all these b4 in email

ya..gd times gd times..i used to watched and played dem all, damn missin those "cockroach eggs" right now haha...those were the days, now like how d har? on9 gaming???

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Zhiqin said...

[edwin] now? sigh sigh sigh...
children nowadays are all addicted to cyber games, psp, playstation ... sad thing..

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