Saturday, April 18, 2009

Road Trip 2009 @ Kuala Lumpur

It all happened in a blink of an eye. We planned it on the last Friday, and we embarked on Sunday. The trip members include me, steven, and jean. It's a budget trip with a RM300 in our pocket each.

Sunday, after waking up from my longer sleep, prepared all my luggage, and wait for ms. jean. During the trip down to KL was a little packed, since I had to send my sis and 2 of her friends back to her college. When I picked up my last passenger, mr Steven, my car was full. [you will know why later] When we arrive in KL, dropping off my sister and her friend at their college, our first destination [tink] ---> KLCC Convention Centre - PC Fair. I wanted to get some information on the wireless broadband offered by Celcom, Maxis and P1 Wimax. Somehow, I ended up with Maxis Broadband because it's the cheapest compared to the others and I'm not required to purchase the modem, and also I'm not bonded with any contract. It was quite a good deal, so for the time being, I will just test the line speed and its stability. [Hmm...] That's not all, you always get free stuff during PC Fair. This is what I get.
Really looked weird~
People crowding in KLCC

The time passed really quickly, we didn't even realize by the time we leaved KLCC, it's already around 7pm. Later on, I went to pick up my sister and her friend for dinner. Went for dinner at Asia Cafe. It was quite a expensive meal, but it all taste good.

After our dinner, I head back to my previous home I stayed at Seri Kembangan, meet up with some of my housemates. I got a chance to ask them regarding places for nice food in Penang, filled up my database. [haha] Spend some time to fix the door knob, got locked inside the room, due to some technical errors[damn it]. Went to Cyberjaya to return the bedsheet that has been on my hand for quite some time, stopped by at Old Town White Coffee for a cup of Coffee before leaving for Penang.


lonely guy ^ - 9 said...

wow, u really enjoying, haha...

Zhiqin said...

haha, so fast you're reading my blog. haha