Sunday, April 19, 2009

Road Trip 2009 @ Cameron Highlands

First thing I would like to advice everyone, before I start writing on this post, "Do not drive to Cameron Highlands at 5am in the morning!".
[phew] It was a whole 2 hours drive with cold sweat dripping down my cheeks, and a tensed up brain and body. I thought the drive up there should be much simpler and less stressful by using the new road, via Simpang Pulai. However, as I drove further into the hill road. It was dark. No road lamps along the way. And it seems like I'm the only car heading up. It got worst later on, it started to rain, and the mist started to thicken up. Jean and Steven was asleep at that moment, it was really spooky and i drove through the mist. I've been considering whether I should wake them up, so that we can look at the road together, safer in a way. Furthermore, I'm really afraid of shining my headlights on the wrong thing[~~~]. Manage to wake Jean up, but Steven was dead asleep[haha]. About two hours of full concentration driving, we finally arrived at the peak of Cameron Highlands, Brinchang! I drove straight head to Tanah Rata, since there's more shops for breakfast there, I'm starving... Once I got a parking space for my car, I past my keys to Steven, ran into a mamak stall, and these is my breakfast.
Both of them still half sleeping, and Jean was too cold to say anything. Steven still looking pretty blurr. [:p] Well, after a good breakfast, we started to look for a decent place to overnight. We asked Parkland Hotel, a one room apartment cost us RM200 a night. We did not agreed on the hotel straight away, we moved on to Strawberry Park Resort which I've a very good impression on that resort. It will cost us approximately RM300 for a night, inclusive of a RM80 voucher[which we can use it for meals in the hotel later]. Then we stopped by Cameron Highlands Hotel, very high class, the hotel was well designed with antique furniture. I was shocked when I asked for the rates at the receptionist counter. They only accept USD, for the superior room(smallest) USD250++. [Freaked me out] However, still acting cool and walked out. Strawberry Park Resort Reception

The last hotel we went to check on the price is The Equatorial Hotel, definitely is beyond our budget for such high class stay. In the end, after much of a hesitation, discussion, and arguement, we decided to have a night in Strawberry Park Hotel. I was told by the receptionist that I can only check in earliest at 12pm. So, we had no choice, but to drag ourselves to few tourism spots to spend some time. Steven noticed that there is a chinese temple nearby, check it out on the GPS, and [bloom] just follow the GPS. We went in the temple, pay our respect, and we spend about 30minutes outside for some photos. [Oh..] The photo of the fishes is taken in this temple, water pond.

Since we have no where to go afterthat, I suggested we head to the hotel, and maybe just have a rest at the lobby. Well, didn't which part of us charmed the receptionist, he[looked pretty sissy to me] allowed us to check in early. And it was just 10am. I took a nap, but I think Steven and Jean couldn't fall asleep, instead they watched tv. I just take a sleep whenever I can.

After lunch, we visited some strawberry farm. Wanted to pluck the strawberry ourselves, but too bad it wasn't the best season for plucking yet. Most of the strawberries are green. Walked around, took some photos.
Back to the hotel, took a long nap. Woke up and we start preparing for our grand dinner. Self-prepared-in-house steamboat. It was fabulous, scrumptious, extraordinary...
Actually what we done there is illegal, not allowed to cook inside the hotel. But [nah] who cares at that moment. It was all great. Hope I won't get sued here. Check out the video below, by Host Steven, and Co-host Jean!



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