Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Poor Dad Rich Dad

"Poor Dad, Rich Dad" I think most of you would be very familiar to this title. How would you define poor dad? and rich dad?

The things that I'm writing today is purely based on my own thoughts and opinion. I see most of the fathers today, or dads today are the same. What do they do? Yeap, they work their ass out to get income to feed their families. Then, when get back from work, take a bath, sit in front of the tv, having newspapers on their hands, and at the same time the remote controls. Roughly 15mins later, they fall to sleep. [sounds familiar to most of you?] On the next day, they wake up early, get dressed and off to work, the same routine again.
"Recently, dad has not being spending much time with us. And I'm not agreeing in the things he is doing. I'm trying to understand him, trying to get things better. But now I'm giving up. His life is all about work."
I wanted to ask him this question, "What's your dream, dad?". What is he trying to achieve? Which would you prioritize, career or family?
There might be things I do not see right now. But what could more important that having a happy and harmonious family? What's money without love? It's true that without money life's going to be hard. But will money will ever be enough? It won't be enough till you learn to appreciate what you have. I would prefer a dad that will spend time with their family. It doesn't need to be expensive, take a time out, do some house chores together, small family chit-chat and even go for a jog together.

I think most of the dads have forgotten about what's most important in life. They don't pay attention to their wife, even speak very rudely in certain times, what they children needs. In other words, purely a human ATM machine. Pay for a big house, pay for expensive computers, laptops, big screen tv, hifi systems, nice cars, pay for us to enter good private universities. Well, your family are not demanding. If we cant afford a car, we walk. If we can't afford a plasma flatscreen tv, a normal black and white will do. We still can live happily if dad could spend time with us. We do not want to exchange your time with us with all those material.

To all the dads in the world out there, there's more important things in life than just work and money. Just like my previous post on "The Mayonaise Jar".

A rich dad has the most valuable thing on earth, and it's not being valued by dolars, its family love.
A poor dad will only have his dolars as companions.

*Sometimes dad, you need to sit down and listen, and accept what your family is trying to tell you.