Saturday, April 18, 2009

Road Trip 2009 @ Ipoh

Again, we overslept. Check out time at 10am. Straight after that we head for the "Jie Mei Char Kuay Teow". The previous trip when I was there with my family I had to wait nearly one hour before a plate of kuay teow I ordered is served. This time, can't believe it, the shop is empty.
After breakfast, went to get some souvenirs. While on the way to the Ferry terminal, I stopped by the War Muzeum to get some photos there. We did not enter into the museum, but took some photos with it's surrounding buildings.
That's our last destination in Penang, then we enjoy the ferry ride back to butterworth to head back to Ipoh.

The first destination in Ipoh is the original Old Town White Coffee! Even though this shop has franchise all over the country, they still preserve the old and traditional style of serving their coffee and most importantly, its price. Only RM1.20 for hot, RM1.50 for cold.
We are supposed to take a stroll at the Japanese Garden at Penang, however, it started to rain when we are there. So, we stopped by at Ipoh Parade and have a walk inside. [Swt] It's really sweat, not too sure why, I think the management is trying to save some energy, cause it was really warm inside the mall. We spend some time at the Bowling Centre. When we are bowling, the both side lanes was occupied by Perak State Players, their score easily reached above 200. And we are like ... [speechless].

About 7pm or 8pm, we went to the famous beansprout chicken shop. The one that I usually went is closed on that day, so we have no choice but to give the opposite shop a try. They are also selling the beansprout chicken, and their doing good business on that day since the opposite shop is close. We waited for quite some time. But when we are waiting, there is a couple, both age at around above late 30's asked whether they can share seats with us, cause it was full house. It was fine for us. Anyway, one of the is from Germany, another is from Subang, Kuala Lumpur. Both of them were here for a company meeting, so wanted to catch a meal in Ipoh before heading back. We had a good talk and they were being very very nice and friendly. When we wanted to pay for our meal, they insisted to pay for us as well. We were so "paiseh" and again ... [speechless]. [Thanks to Ms. Vivian, if she read blogs]
Later that night, we spend our night at McDonalds before we embarked on our journey to Cameron Highlands on the next morning. Tired~