Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Malaysian School Uniform

This question had came across my mind for quite some time, I was wondering based on what factor, that our ministry of education determine the colours of our school uniform. Not trying to complain, but it was rather a very bad choice of colours to me. Let's put primary school uniform aside, since I do not think we have any sense of fashion at that age yet. And even if there is, I do not think it wouldn't have that much of a impact to kids.
Malaysia Government Secondary School Uniform
On the other hand, secondary school students are different. The current colour the uniform pant is in dark green [or also known as "shit green"]. No comments on the shirt. But definitely, shit green pants doesn't look good for anyone. If the reason was so that it wouldn't get dirty easily, why not dark blue, or black?[because it looks like a waiter?] While for the female uniform, with a apron-looked skirt, light blue in colour? If its for covering the front part, I totally understand it, but why light blue? Somehow, I think it made the girls feel more insecure.[girls, I think you know why]

Well, the thing is, if changing the colours would make the students look good, feel good, and comfortable, then why not? At least the school would not look like a prison, but a more professional environment for the students to study in. Not to mention some of the schools wanted the students name to be sew on their shirts. That's worst, it looks like a barcode numbers for the prisoner. I would prefer a nametag instead.

Comparing ourself to the uniforms in Japanese Schools, everyone wants to have one. The guys looked smart and the girls look nice.
Japanese School Uniform for female
Japanese School Uniform for male

I'm not suggesting we should have the same uniform as the japanese, but just as an good example for a better designed uniforms. Till now, I'm still unsure with the reasons, why the government decided on those designs. [Again, not blaming them, but hoping to be fill in after this] So, do anyone have any clue for why malaysian students are wearing such awful colours?


hy said...

good point

Sydney said...

im a girl and i dont get the light blue colourproblem? i only have problems with the designs lol