Saturday, April 18, 2009

Road Trip 2009 @ Penang

Planning to take shift driving on the way to Penang, each of us take a 2 hours drive, ended up we kept talking and none of us can actually fall asleep in the car. We arrived at Penang at around 6am. Since there is no where to go, and all of us are very tired and sleepy. We head to our first planned destination, "The House of Dim Sum" [点心之家] to have breakfast. Apparently, we are their very first customer, and they are not ready to serve any food yet. So, we ordered a pot of tea, I mentioned chinese tea. However, what came to our table is really weird~. Not too sure why they mixed the chinese tea leaves with chrisanthemum, the tsate was awful. [No complaints, we just drink it].
After a miserable waiting time for 45 minutes, we were finally served with their delicious dim sum.
The whole meal cost us at about RM36. It's very worthy, our stomach feels like exploding. Next, we head towards our hotel, Tune Hotel. While Steven is doing the checking-in work, I get my car parked, unloading some of the luggage down. Then, when I'm waiting for Steven, who is waiting in line at the receptionist counter, I met Mr Tony, Tony Fernandes. It was a coincidence that on that day itself, Mr Tony was there to officiate their newly opened Tune Hotel at Penang. So, after hesitating for some while, I approached him and asked "Sir, can I take a photo with you please?" He replied "Yes, of course!" He also asked whether I'm a guest of this hotel, and how was the stay. Actually we haven't checked in yet. Later on, more and more press arrived, and they are waiting for the arrival of Y.B. Lim Guan Eng.
Too bad we can't check in yet till 2pm. We decided to visit a few places so that we don't waste the time, but we are already very tired at that moment. The first destination that we went is the botanical garden. We walked in about 500meters, took some photos and head back to the car again.
Then we head to Kek Lok Si, a buddhist temple, climbed the pagoda instead of the usual route of taking the inclined lift to the top.

When we are able to check in the hotel, we took a nap just to compensate from then sleep we lost yesterday night during the drive from Kuala Lumpur. As expected, we overslept, and by the time we reach Batu Feringghi beach, it was already evening, and the sun is going down. However, still manage to get some good photos.


onn wah said...

thank you so much for willingly to sacrifice your time and effort to bring theen and me go on this trip. i am clear that i am not that supportive at 1st as i have my own problems too. yet i've been there with both of you ;p.just to let you know that i really glad that i didnt miss this golden opportunity to spend precious moments with you all.i have never regreted although i spended quite lots of money.. hoho.. i shall remember this trip for the rest of my life.. THANKS ZQ n THEEN!!

Zhiqin said...

no probs! As long that we enjoyed ourselves..!! :-)

Joanne said...

LOL, the pic's were awesome! As for the video, priceless!!! especially the one with sotong n et introducing the steamboat!!! i nv had such long laugh ever since dunno when~~ hahahahhaha, glad u peeps had fun, u all deserved it XD

Anonymous said...