Sunday, April 5, 2009

My Lifeline - 20 Years of Changes

This is when my parents with my mom's parents firstly shifted to Malacca. [Gosh, how young was my Grandfather] He is very good looking, wait till I fix their marriage photos. And that was the background from the top view of the St. Paul Hill. If you were to take photos there now, you will see the "Eye on Malaysia" there. How far has Malacca developed. I will be 20years old this year by November. Changes within these 20 years time is tremendous. Well, that's my dad on the left, mom in the middle and my grandpa on the right.

Looking back at all these photos from the past, [phew] my tears starts to fill up my eyes, yet I feel numb, not feeling anything. Not too sure why. Still can't figure it out till now.
And again, my ever-great-looking grandpa is on the left, my mom is in the middle, and that's my beautiful-grandma on the right. My grandma wasn't that strong for the past few years, she grew older a lot. After I withdraw myself from MMU, I managed to spend more time with her. One thing for sure, she is very proud of her daughters and sons. Telling me all of their stories.

Comes year 1989, 16th of November, the world worst boy was born. This is a photo of me when I was age 2 or 3? should be around there. I do have my macho look since I was young, didn't I? [陽光宅男] Since I was the first kid, I've lots of problems. I was told by my mum that I got jaundice after a few months I was brought out from the hospital. And all my blood was changed. Then later on, I got asthma. I only got healed when I was aged 16. But then, I've to watch myself not to take to much cold food, otherwise my asthma would strike back again. Now, I'm as fit as a fiddle. My parents raise me well.

This photo should be taken at Penang, Air Itam Dam if not wrong. Should be age 4 or 5. My mum likes this photo. [Hmm, ...] Kids always has their natural posing for photos arent they. This is the only photo that I don't feel weird looking back at it.
What my friends told me are quite true. They said I dressed like "Ah Pek". Yea, this is a very good evidence. [hahaha] I just wore a "phuket" t-shirt, with a shorts. Does my shoe look pink to you?

Year 1990, my sis arrived to this world. This would be the shortest hair she ever got till now. [Cute!] I hardly remember the stories when we were young.

[Hmm...] This photo made us looked like kids from China. This is when we were at Cameron Highlands, Cactus Farm maybe. Why my sis hair so short? [hahaha] It's funny when I think about it. I could never imagine, since young, I wanted to be a hair dresser. Before we embarked on our trip, my mom told me I brought a chair out behind my grandparents house[without them knowing it], and a pair of scissors, and later on asked my sis to sit there, and I gave her a HAIRCUT! [I think I was scolded later on, definitely :p cant remember]

Then year 1994, my younger bro[zhiming] joined me and my sis. He is very quiet when he was young, but at a certain age onwards, he became so talkative that he get on my nerves sometimes. "Why this why that?"[arrgghh] But when we look at his cute face, I don't think anyone of us would be able to get angry at him. He's very cute.

Personally I love this photo a lot, I can't remember when was the last time we were that close to each other. I definitely have the big brother look don't I? My sis has the cute and pretty look, my brother is very chubby, and me skinny bone. [haha]
Oh yeah, this is taken in Zoo Melaka, with the Orang Utan at the back.

My youngest brother came to join us on year 1998. I like this photo a lot as well. It's like a warm welcoming gathering to my youngest brother[zhiwei]. That was the peak season at my grandparents place. The noisiest and busiest time at my grandparents place. I think they would miss that time the most.
I miss that time as well, I think we are closer to each other that time.

This is taken at the Zoo Melaka again. most of the photos taken in the Zoo Melaka, I think when we are young we like the zoo a lot. We had a lot of photos of different time frames there. And I like this photo the most! Fantastic Four!

At Cameron Highlands, full family picture. From left, my mom, my sis, my younger bro, me, my dad, and my youngest bro on my dad's lap.

This is taken during our vacation at London and Paris!

This is taken during our trip to Hang Zhou and ShangHai, China.
20 years of changes.

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