Sunday, April 26, 2009

Albert's Appearance @ FOM Prom Night

A topic I do not wish to write about. Was feeling really out yesterday. [Weird~] FOM, or also known Faculty of Management, of Multimedia University had organised its annual prom night at Sunway Resort yesterday[24th April'09].
Was thinking it would be like a usual night I attended when I was in secondary school. So, I did not really put much attention on my attire. A long slack, button shirt, and a pair of sport shoes would do for me, typical "zhiqin". Always having the same clothing for most of the time. Anyways, I did not think much about it at that time.
After I packed and arranged some of my stuff in the new room I rented, for my stay during my study years in TOA, I went to wait at Calvin's house over in Cyberjaya as he will be going with me. However, things doesn't goes really smoothly. He seems like not really in the mood to attand such event at the moment. Yet, he had no choice since our group of friends were really hoping he would join, in which I really do think its a little pushing the limits. He went in a very "unwilling" mood, that's what I can see.
Apparently when I arrived at the entrance of the ballroom, I deeply regretted, and infinite drop of self-esteem when I see myself as the most contrast attired person compared to the others. [~~~] Everyone is very well dressed, and [err] it looks like everyone is getting "married". And I came with a .... .... [speechless, & sweat]. Well, at least there's someone accompanied me, Calvin just join us with a T-shirt and shorts. [cool]
Not having a very good first time experience, so will probably consider trice for the next prom. I'm not suitable for this kind of event. Probably considering joining in as a reporter. [haha]
This is the people on my table, elegant and high-classed aren't they. Most of their attire and newly bought, mine was from my closet, a multipurpose buttoned t-shirt. Sweet couple, I just think both of them are meant together. Nice people to hang out with. Very friendly.
Met a friend, who ais also a Malaccan!
I should be very noticeable in this photo, how bright am I. [... ... swt]

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