Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Little Angels

Since last few months, there's this dog that was owned by someone in the neighborhood came into my house. Thought she might just walk around to find some company. Apparently, she had some skin problem and her owner just seem to reject her, even the tag was taken away.
[I called her Shelly.]

A day before Raya, I got a called from my mom, and Shelly just gave birth to five little angels. [Gosh, they are so cute!] It's hard to believe how she take care of her new born babies as is she had learned it from the elders. I mean, how does she knows what to do, and how t handle her new babies. I wasn't at site when she gave birth, but my mom told me the puppies came out wrapped in a sort of a balloon, then Shelly would bite to break the balloon.
When i was back in Malacca, her puppies were about 1 week old, their eyes hardly open yet. Shelly would be there almost all of the time to feed her babies. Even when she's out, she wouldn't be far away.

Now, neighbours are starting to come around to ask for the puppies. All puppies are cute, people always tend to have the motivation to adopt one easily, but do they think of the responsibility? I hope my neighbours would take good care of them. At the same time, it's quite sad to know that Shelly will only have a few months time with her babies. I would prefer to keep all of them and let them be together, but it's all beyond my call to decide anything.


-EdwiN- said...

u got a dog walk in into ur territory?

i got a stray cat back home..and ended up with 3 kittens, lol

Zhiqin said...

haha, geng lea....:p

reddishTea said...