Saturday, July 11, 2009

World Worst Portrait Artist

This is my most feared subject, I'm very bad at drawing portraits, sketching, shading...etc. However, lecturer said its all about the practice.

I hardly get the shape and the shading right. Will show you some of the good work done by some other students soon, so you can make the comparison. Mine was awful. [oh no no...]


lonely guy ^ - 9 said...

gambateh, u can de...jia you...

Wei Ting said...

erm...i guess all you need is a more understanding bout human face proportion and practice..!!the more you draw the better it will become!yA,but first i think you gotta work on your proportion....i think once you understand how the proportion thing works you will ge it.Then practice for your outline before going into the shading part..hope this tips may help you improve cause it helped me.i did the same way.and think positive....ya...that's all.

Vishaal said...

I can see by your portraits that you are, in fact, just a step away from getting realllly good, so dont give up!! I have some advice for you that has helped me a lot.... google search 'andrew loomis', his book 'drawing heads and hands' (or something like that) will, in my opinion, help you get it right.

Heres something I learned: Proportion is EXTREMELY important in drawing (even if you have to measure with a ruler at first)
A great tip is that you should draw the head first and then put the features into it. NOT the features first and then the head.
Do this and your portraits will improve like MAGIC ;)