Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 My Life Review

It's one hell of a year, what people say it's quite true, you can remember the bad stuff more than the good stuff. Well, when I think back of all the major and minor events happen throughout this year in my life, I can't think much of those good ones. It had been quite a sad year.

-Was preparing very hard with my previous housemate for one of my largest event. Not really going through any sleepless night, have the time to sleep, but too much things to worry that kept u awake.
-Chinese New Year, managed to go out with secondary school classmates, but just for a short while, being summoned by my dad for work.
-Failed one engineering paper, can't remember what subject.

-Handling 4 days event, almost killed myself with loads of pressure and tension for E-Week.
-Got second combo hit by my ex for sending me a letter.

- Say farewell to a good friend at the airport.
- Drop out from University.
- Depression.
- Played a lot of badminton. Luckily there's a group of friend which were so addicted to it, kept me move on.

- Once in a lifetime trip with 2 friends, to Ipoh, Penang, KL, Camerons. Unforgettable moments.
- Volunteering in a orphanage home.
- Did some traveling to clear minds.
- Screwed up some good friendship, send a very harsh email and fug people up.

- Start new life at new college, see new people, experience new environment.
- Know some great people, yuri, yipin, weijia.
- Celebrated friend's birthday.

- Exploring a lot with friends.
- Car kena saman for stupid reasons.
- Bad time with landlord.
- Stay awake overnight to understand a stupid documentary for history project.

- First durian buffet with friends.
- Helped a friend in a relationship proposal, got warnings from authorities.

- Did a lot of Presentation for final work.
- President of history of arts and design 1.
- Attend a friend birthday gathering, house was extraordinarily huge.
- Travel
- Had farewell with one of the greatest teacher of my life, pinky.
- screwed up a good friendship, too late to regret. Got asked to stay away from her life, still doing it now. Never talked since then.
- Coloured my hair.

- Got screwed by house owner for no reasons. Shifted into another room in another house.
- Semester 2 begins with interesting subjects, nanowhite, pavillion.
- day trip to a park for assignment purposes.
- Still not able to talk with that friend. Too afraid to provoke her again.

- First participation in Holloween Dressing up competition.
- Fell for a girl and she found out in less than a week time.
- More missundestanding happens.
- PJS 9 Autumn Festival Gathering with friends.
- Dinner at THE BIRD.

- My 20th Birthday, having the most number of cakes in my life.Many surprises.
- Attended 5th Annual Photography Camp.
- "Soul Gear" movie production. Great time, but made wrong decision and caused a friend to feel deeply miserable.

- Screwed up another friendship. [It's like a curse, I had to lose a friend every end of the semester, and its all my fault]
- Travel with friends, forced myself to stay positive at all times.
- Never learn to miss all my classmates till the day we are going to separate. CD0905-2 best class in my life.

At the end of all these, I'm physically and mentally tired and exhausted, at times felt ignored and left out. Counting in this one year, how many friends had I destroyed?
Having a very quiet phone this holiday. Missed the sound of sms alerts or ringing tones.
Today's the last day of the year, hoping for a better start for the upcoming year, hope I can write a happier post, hope I could be a better person.


Melanie said...

Good memory you have. You remember the details every month. haha.. Have a wonderful year ahead!

Yi Pin said...

really? i remember the happy moments more but cant seem to rmbr the negative ones. wonder why =)

wah thanks for the special mention. i rmbr the history report as well though i just cant stop laughing at the incident hahaha

btw, i dont care what u think happened, things are never your fault ler =)
There's no fault, there's nothing to claim to. if u were asked not to be yourself and try to be someone 'better' instead (whatever 'better' seems to be), do u honestly think things wouldn't go 'wrong'?
If there is a right, there will always be a wrong, and there will always be someone's fault / some 'wrong' people who are different from the 'right'. So.. does these things actually exist? or are we all just the same, just people.

If i took account every time i am 'left out', 'not included' by my friends, then i would really emotionally breakdown liaw. Someday u might realize (thoroughly) the world moves at its own pace, its not supposed to be the other way around for u to follow the world. Then u are happy even when yr alone, because everything else comes and goes eventually, sometimes suddenly. You have that stoic calm instead of charging headlong into each situation looking for a 'correct conclusion'. Things are only what things are, no more and no less.

Ex: is the weather very hot? extremely hot? burning hot? yaya, omg so hot! (?) hotter than desert! (?) i swear these days are getting hotter and hotter..! (?)
well to me there's just this feeling on my skin. its a certain sensation u get being under the sun. other than that, are just descriptions which amplify our imagination of what this heat actually is all about. try not thinking about it, and the heat is just a sensation.
Maybe my band training made me used to being under the sun, but oh well, everything starts somewhere.

K la, end of my long 2cents. sry if its too long

Zhiqin said...

Well, thanks you guys for the comments.

Yipin, thanks for the long comment. Nothing wrong with me now, it's just me to spill my feelings here with words. And its currently how i felt, but i would be fine in a while. no probs. I'm an extrovert, I gained energy from people. So, when I am hanging out with a lot people, I will become stronger in a way.

Yi Pin said...

haha kk. just too bad you only blog about the sad stuff these days. I imagine if i would miss your happy posts if i was someone who knew u long enough :)

Leo Raj said...

you failed electronics 2. I remembered that :D

and dude, whats up with all these friends problem? seriously.

meet up man! its been time sice we last talked. ;)

Zhiqin said...

man...suthesh..i cant access to your blog.

Leo Raj said...

well, I locked it due to some personal stuffs and am no longer writing there.

and I will be opening a new one in a very near future. so watch out for it. ;D

Zhiqin said...

ohh..okay okay. eh..mind leave me ur mobile number? handphone changed. thanks

Leo Raj said...

take it from my facebook. I hv particularly everything there.