Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tomorrow never ends.

The sky may seem to be clear,
and the sun might seem to shine so brightly,
thinking of the gloomy days are behind me.
However, even though I'm not looking back,
I can see the shadow of myself fading away on the ground.

I'm running as fast as I could away from the clouds.
Singing merry songs as loud as I could.
The path was smooth earlier,
yet I almost tripped myself today.

I never know when it starts, or how it starts,
nor how it ends.
Be happy for the bad things that happen,
it might happened for a reason.

I still don't see a sign of the end of journey,
may it be good or bad,
I knew it would have a reason to it.
What I feared most is,
my lights were switched off.

For now,
I just need to stop and rest,
appreciate and enjoy the beauty of it's surrounding,
and rather to run towards it.
Some things are not meant to keep,
but plainly for sightseeing.
When it rains,
I would look up and fall to the ground,
and feel the raindrops on my face.

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