Thursday, July 8, 2010


The GPS coordinates are temporarily fake. Will update soon. Thanks.

I hope you guys would spend some time giving me some comments regarding the info-graphics that i designed. Thank you.

1. Do you like the layout of this design? YES/NO (Why)

2. Is this informative to you?

3. Is this clear enough to show you how to get to the location of the restaurant? [The GPS coordinate is temporarily a fake one. sorry. but yea, its meant to include the actual GPS coordinates at that position.]

4. Is the Icons clear to you?

5. Which would you emphasize more on knowing the details?
[Location/ Price/ Food Categories/ Taste/ Environment]

6. Suggestions and comments. Thank you.

Appreciate your effort to leave me some comments. Thanks again. :-)


Felix Cheng said...

1.) Yes, it definitely an eye catching. Why? because it look like a railway station map. And the color is very
modern look

2.) Yes

3.) If that person have a GPS system, than he/she might have no problem finding those place.
What if that person don't have a GPS ??? can we find the place from a map or from taxi??

4.) Icon is clear

5.)Price and Food Categories

6.) Commented

Anonymous said...

1.yes simple yet understanble

2.yes like i said is easy to read

3.yes, but reader cannot determine the exact place since u only provide distance

4.yes it make sense

5.price n taste (for a student oppinion price is always our no.1 concern n ya it will be great to include the price)

6.u can categorised them more neatly like example on ur 1st column u can put all the asian cuisine in the top 4 n as followed