Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Present Exchange!

Was very excited about Christmas this year. I got this idea from a very good friend of mine.

I will write down a list of names who is interested to join for this Christmas Gift Exchange. Everyone in the list will have to get a present, it does not need to be expensive, as long you're happy with what you get as a gift. Then on the Christmas Eve, I will mark everyone's present with a numerical value then post it here, where later you guys will get a chance to pick a number. Thus, you will get the get the present of the number you chose.

Simple! What you need to do is:

Zhiqin's Christmas Gift Exchange Friends List
Lee Chai Soo
Ong Zi-Jun
Lee Chun Kit
Carolynn Yeo
Chew Soon En
Mei Kuan


Kaurin chan said...

=) I'll join. Name: Carolynn Yeo.

Leo Raj said...

put me in too!
I will try to get more ppl in!

cutiecutiedoggie said...

hey is Mei Kuan here, from RC 1 ys.
Juz get to noe ur blog then i'm interested in may i join?? me here got some frens oso(all gals) =P

Zhiqin said...

Haha, of course! I m including your name in the list!