Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Early Christmas Eve Surprise! Santa Claus's Crews

"Ehhh ... ...", not too sure how to start on this post. My few friends[Jun, Lawrence, Ryan, Chew] and I, went to Jusco to get some presents for the Christmas Gift Exchange thing. I wanted to celebrate Christmas so much, that I forced all of them to get the Santa Claus's "Red Hat". I was so tempted to get one, because it has LEDs on it[wakaka], it sparkles when I put the batteries in. Anyway, that's not the main point. On our way back, we got this crazy idea of going to Cyberia and shack things up a little. I called a few people, but almost none are interested to join in. Well, it does demotivate me a little. However, since I've already forced my friends to get the "Red Hat", it would be a total waste if I cancel the trip in the end.

We arrived in school at about 12am plus plus. Glad to have Ern, Suthesh, and Sheng to join us at the very starting of the visit. Afterthat, Heong and her friend, Su Hua. Everything went pretty well, especially with my twinkling christmas hat[:p]. It sort of attracts people's attention, and shines brightly in the dark[promised myself to get one with music next year! haha]. Last but not least, Yee, a girl which is a boy[err...??? :p] join us too after we gave her a visit. She still kept on complaining that a person called her and asked her some stupid questions[are you using your PC now? washing your clothes? etc].

Next targetted location, ChunNang's Birthday Gathering in his own apartment. It was kind of weird at first doing this singing and taking photographs thing, but somehow got used to it, and it became much more of a excitement and fun meeting new people.

It all started with just 6 person.
There goes our pretty camera girl for the night, Ern in the middle.
Then, we went to grab Yee down[She regretted not to get a red coloured shirt :p]
All in red, nice....
Suthesh, you're going to love this. :p
Again, Happy 21th Birthday Chun Nang!
A surprise visit to our miss cute, Kah Hui.
Another surprise visit to Heong's friend!
Met an old friend from St. Davids, Edwin!!!
Another great group of friends!
Visit to Ern's friend's house. Cool!
Finally, Merry Christmas to Molly and housemates!!!
Special Thanks to JJ, Ryan, Sheng, Heong, Ern, Hua, Yee, Suthesh, Chew, Jun, and Lawrence!

Fore more photos, please visit J Generations blog.


-EdwiN- said...

u reli caught me there by surprise, i was reli reli stunned... @@ was so speechless until i act weird lol
haha next time lets make christmas even more grand!!

Merry Christmas!

Leo Raj said...



suicide lar. tada harapan da o.


JuN said...

cant blieve i'm doin tis wit u guys...kinda paiseh(shy) when u al ask me 2 wear tat 'red hat'... was a nice experience 2 me...
thx every1 who joined us n oso those who supported us!

Ho~Ho~HO~...Merry Christmas~

Att:v jz visit 4 fun...nt fr any charity body...

Lawrence Lee said...

Merry Christmas !!!
unforgettable experience, interesting to talk about after a few year ... ten years maybe ??
like you said we much do crazy things when we were young so that we got thing to talk about when we get older ...
none of us is christian ... and we are doing it ... cool !!

and to everyone that who got involved ... and a few leng lui that i just knew.. you guys rock !!!

J Generation said...

waa~ so fast upload liao~~ I go upload now, your pic is much nicer. T.T
I want~~ xD
gimme gimme~~
really enjoy the night~ :D

Zhiqin said...

Waa..guys, I just woke up and see 5 comments already. Geng laarr... so touched.. :p Been trying to update this as fast as possible, slept at 6am okay...haha
Anyways, yeap. It's all fun and excitement! Doing this for the first time, cool.
[To Edwin] Haha, you caught me by surprise too. Didn't expect to see you guys in the middle of the road. Hoho, Merry Christmas, should join us again next year. Or maybe Chinese new year, probably gonna do it again. Wakaka.
[To Leo Raj] Still fine? Working now? Better go double check with the specialist. wakaka
[To Jun] Told you already nice lea...still wanna paiseh
[To Lawrence] Christmas, I dont think is a religious celebration. But as long we had fun, we will do it again next year!
[to J Generation]
Haahaa, i used high ISO, much of the photos are a little over exposed. :-( we need to exchange our photos later. :p

Leo Raj said...

for your info dear boy,

the wall didnt hit it actually. :D cleverly i blocked well. *happy*

but now maruah already jatuh in the drain. T__________T

that lagi penting wtf.

so planning to die early by publishing THAT picture?


Zhiqin said...

Are you trying to scare me? wakaka. Cause I m not the only one who published this photo. And not too bad what, it looks like you're in pain worr... haha

sue said...

u upload the photoes so fast
is such surprise
is really such a great and memorable x'mas tat i nv had
do enjoy n din feel the passion burning in us
thq 2 initiate this x'mas surprise
hope 4 more soon

Zhiqin said...

I was thinking to go over your place, inviting you guys as well. But things came to suddenly, and everything just poof off my mind. Sorry Sue, but yeah... there will be another one coming.
Merry Christmas!

Leo Raj said...

no lar. no point scaring you also ahahahahah wtf.XD

of course lar look in pain one. jeffery ( not jason as initially thought) dropped me what. injured my right arm but feeling better lar now.

fuh, it was fun anyways. have a happy christmas! and enjoy your family trip. ;)

yee said...

merry Christmas 2008 ^^

what a special night b4 Christmas.
try imagine, mid night receive a phone call, asking stupid question, "washing clothes? playing computer?" ++ "borrow moral studies stuff" (p/s: hey plz upgrade ur question next time!! not suprising actually!! hahaha :P)

anyway, really anjoying.. a memorable n unforgettable caroling night (din practice at all, only noe 2 christmas songs) hahaha..

whole group of ppl wearing red n white (except me)walking from block A until block C, wishing ppl MEERY CHRISTMAS!!hahahha!! cute JJ keep on repeating, we are not from "RC"!!

cute? scary? or suprise?
*p/s : my roommate(at block A) even can heard our voice when we at block B!!
Luckily, nobody complaint to the guard!!

hahahha >,<

After celebrate christmas, good luck for everyone final exam o!! ^^ gambatte!!

Zhiqin said...


Лекс Флэйм said...

The Lucky cristmas!

Zhiqin said...

Thank you!