Tuesday, September 29, 2009


For so many times, I tried to learn from my mistakes, and not to take any action with emotianal influences. I think I had made quite a good job for the past few months. Well, apart from one issue that I screwed up. No regrets for that one, cause its things that I want to say.

Can't remember when, but its quite recent that I told one of my previous friend that I wanted to talk to her, thought I'm ready and mature that I should really leave what's in the past, in the past. Then, I was told she was busy, thinking probably it wouldn't be a nice time to talk to. So, I just gave up my intention.
On 6th September, she sent me a email, said she heard from that friend that I wanted to talk to her, and she included her new phone number. My heart was shaken, though its nothing much.

I think I still always wanted to fall back in those arms, kept thinking it's still the same place like how it was last time. We've all changed. She said things that are quite true, we are both from disparate background and mindset. The thing that always remind me of how different we are now is her blog. The only we are in common is we both have our own perception of many things. Its like having two protons to fuse, the closer it goes, the harder it repel. It will never end up in the same place.

I'm a very very sensitive person. It does me good, and it does me bad sometimes. The more sensitive I'm, the more I feel, the more I care.

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