Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sushi Special

Just started to get my engine warm up, here comes my second pit stop. This has been the second week of my second semester. And yeah, sorry for the lack of updates in my blog. Was about to give it up. Please don't mind about all my previous post tagged with personal label. Those was silly and stupid. That's how fragile I'm when my engine got overheated. Things just go haywire. But no worries, upgraded my engine, and installed few performance accessories before the new season starts. Now, its just about staying focus and grab hold of all opportunity and chances to strive for the first, The One.

Well, to mark the start of the semester. I shall declare this special sushi made by my housemate, zhe hui a.k.a. erob, sushi master chef of PJS9, as my official circuit snack for this season. [:p]

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