Monday, April 12, 2010

Famous Mong Kok

The day started by visit to the Harbor City, a walk away from the Tsim Sha Tsui MTR. Along the walk there, expensive brand shops like LV, Gucci, and many more, people were queue-ing up into the store[=.="]. Some say things are cheaper there, but it seems like its more filled with local people. They don't look like tourist to me[:p].

This is the view outside on the balcony of Harbor City. What I really like about Hong Kong, is the weather. Its just slightly colder than warm, and windy. This is taken in the afternoon, the tower there being partially blocked by the fog, looks like the link to the heaven[being influenced by the movie, Jackson Percy and the Lightning Thief].
[Well, yea this is Tsim Sha Tsui.]

Here comes Mong Kok[also known as "Wang Jiao" in Chinese], it surprises me when I first walked out from the subway station. Street were so busy, not by car, but people walking to various destinations. There are a few streets were they closed down for night market, can't remember what those streets are. The shops around here usually are concept stores selling Nike shoes, Adidas, Electronics Shops, selling phones, and household electronics. There are also some selling food and drinks.

Since one of the shop are selling cheap "Xiao Long Bao", a set like this  cost about 10HKD[RM5], went in and give it a try. Well, it's good, but I remember tasting it before almost the same in KL, one of the shops in The Garden, so it doesn't really impress me a lot.
This is the view from The Avenue of Stars, looking to the City on Hong Kong Island. Sound and light show, the lights from the building syncronised with the sound at where we are standing. Cool.
Picture of me before ending the day. [COOL WEATHER! my hair, a work done by the wind. :p]

*Next post tomorrow.:p

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